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Ejuice is one of the best substitutes for tobacco. It has zero nicotine levels and a great product to use if you are planning to quit smoking.

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What is E-juice?

Vaping has become more and more popular. E-juice is put into the vape so a person can get a hint of flavor. Many people do not know what E-juice it or what it contains. There is some information to help a person learn about the different types of E-juice. What is E-juice? E-juice is the liquid that is used in the vaporizing to help create the vapor. It contains nicotine but there are some types that can be made without the nicotine. This liquid comes in many different flavors. There is everything from a mint flavor to a fruit flavor based on personal tastes. What is E-juice made from? e-juice is made from propylene glycol or it can be made from a vegetable glycerin. The vegetable glycerin is vegan and no animal products are used when making the E-juice. Flavoring is added. Both natural and artificial flavors are used to make the E-juice taste good. Water is also used to keep it in a liquid form and allow the water vapor to form. Some versions of the E-juice come with nicotine and others do not. This liquid contains the same grade of food flavoring as catsup and other food that…

ECTA Notifies 50 Vendors To Cease Sale Of Five Pawns

Following Five Pawns issuing a cease and desist order to Cloud9Vaping, who tested their Five Pawns e-liquid stock for Diacetyl 5Pawnsand Acetyl Propionyl with alarming results (more on that here), now comes the news that the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada (ECTA) has notified 50 vendors from the association to withdraw and cease sales of Five Pawns e-liquids. ECTA was formed, “…by a group of electronic cigarette vendors for the initial purpose of gathering and analyzing the existing Canadian laws and regulations governing electronic cigarette usage and trade.”

Vaporshark Lab Testing Saga Continue

On Monday, TGV reported that Vaporshark had Enthalpy Analytical, Inc – who are trade association partners – do lab tests of every brand of e-liquid they sell (apart from Njoy) for potentially harmful diketones and published the results on their website – you can read about that in more detail here. The news split the community, as is the case with any politically charged story. Those in favour of Vaprshark’s bold move praised them for allowing their customers to make an educated, informed choice when purchasing e-liquid products, while some felt this was a power move from Vaporshark, who may be attempting to edge out more minor players in US e-liquid who may not be able to afford lab tests themselves. So, what’s the truth here? TGV got in contact with Brandon Leidel, CEO of Vaporshark to get his take on some of the worries from the vaping community. Here’s a transcript of our conversation: TGV: Brave move for you with testing all the e-liquids you stock. Will you be removing the stock from sale? Brandon Leidel: No. Our objective was to quietly create transparency between manufacturers and consumers. TGV: How have the companies involved with testing reacted to Vaporshark…

Cloupor Mini May have Serious Charging Safety Issues

Smoking Last night I asked Cloupor on Facebook and Twitter, “So Cloupor, when will you be recalling the Cloupor Mini?” Cloupor responded on Facebook with this: Cloupor We feel very sorry to hear this, our engineers and after sales are contacting the customers to make sure what problems happened . Thank you…Our engineers are checking and confirming this issues, just one batch of our cloupor mini has some issues, but the probability is about 0.1%-0.2%, our after sales are contacting those customers to try our best to do further consultation in time. Sorry to take you any trouble and we will bear your loss if it is caused by us. Thank you. TGV would like to know how Cloupor have estimated the failure/meltdown rate of the Cloupor Mini? Exactly how will Cloupor bear the loss of someone’s life should a defective unit cause a house fire? I’m hearing calls from all over the internet for Cloupor to recall the Mini in full. Let’s hope they begin to take this matter much more seriously very soon. They also responded with the same reply in the Disqus below, so if you’d like to ask them anything, please go ahead. Cloupor We feel…

Evolv Launch New DNA 40 Chip

It would seem Evolv has a couple of issues with the DNA40 chips right now. The first issue is a short on some display dna40connections causing visual issues with the screen. The second issue involves the display and performance, especially noticeable when in the 20-40 watt range using NI200 wire and temp control. It seems these issues become noticeable within the first five minutes of use. Evolv stated they would work through the weekend to resolve this issue and be back at production today. We’re waiting for an update from Evolv. UPDATE: Confirmed that only a small percentage of the DNA chips have the issue and manufactures are testing the devices to ensure they ship out only perfect quality products.   Original story follows… Big news from Evolv today. The DNA 40 from Evolv is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers and is being launched on October 14th. The DNA system lets anyone build Evolv’s patented power regulated technology into their own products. The main features of the DNA 40 are: Evolv’s patented Wattage Control Temperature Protection Preheat Step Up/Step Down Topology Digital User Controls OLED Screen Onboard Buttons and Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life…

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