Vaporshark Lab Testing Saga Continue

On Monday, TGV reported that Vaporshark had Enthalpy Analytical, Inc – who are trade association partners – do lab tests of every brand of e-liquid they sell (apart from Njoy) for potentially harmful diketones and published the results on their website – you can read about that in more detail here.

The news split the community, as is the case with any politically charged story. Those in favour of Vaprshark’s bold move praised them for allowing their customers to make an educated, informed choice when purchasing e-liquid products, while some felt this was a power move from Vaporshark, who may be attempting to edge out more minor players in US e-liquid who may not be able to afford lab tests themselves.

So, what’s the truth here?

TGV got in contact with Brandon Leidel, CEO of Vaporshark to get his take on some of the worries from the vaping community. Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

TGV: Brave move for you with testing all the e-liquids you stock. Will you be removing the stock from sale?

Brandon Leidel: No. Our objective was to quietly create transparency between manufacturers and consumers.

TGV: How have the companies involved with testing reacted to Vaporshark doing this?

Brandon Leidel: A few are not happy but they know it needs to be done.

TGV: How about Njoy? I notice they weren’t tested and there’s no results for them, any reason for this?

Brandon Leidel: Not sure why NJOY isn’t on there. Most likely waiting on results.

TGV: Have you done this to simply push those companies who haven’t been testing to be more rigorous about standards?

Brandon Leidel: Just trying to be transparent with consumers.

TGV: This seems to have split the community apart, as anything political would. Many are very happy that you’ve done this and see you’re working for their best interests, but some feel Vaporshark are a large company trying to edge out the smaller players who would never be able to afford to get these lab tests done. What do you say to them?

Brandon Leidel: Lab test are around 120 dollars per test from enthalpy labs That’s not a good answer.

Brandon seems to be indicating here that all e-liquid manufacturers could easily have Enthalpy Analytical, Inc test all their e-liquids at a very affordable cost.

I asked Brandon a few more important questions and he is yet to get back to me on those.

Around the same time I was having a discussion with Brandon, Cyclops Vapor put out a statement on their blog. TGV has permission to repost the whole thing here, however, I’ll just quote the more pertinent paragraphs from the statement:

On June 14th we were made aware that one of our retail and distribution partners – Vapor Shark – had submitted third partyCyclops eliquids it carries for testing to an outside lab. That lab – Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. – tested each product for diacetyl (butanedione) and acetyl propionyl (pentanedione). When those results were returned, Vapor Shark posted the results for each flavor alongside the product info on its website. While there has been long standing concern among the public and within the industry about the use of Diacetyl and AP in eliquid, the actions of Vapor Shark have created a resurgence of concern among the public.

The products tested included each flavor from Cyclops Vapor, with emphasis being placed on Colossus (vanilla custard) for the allegedly elevated levels of Diacetyl and AP listed in its lab report.

We want to express that we have long been aware of the public concern over the use of Diacetyl and AP. Though we already hold a certified letter from our flavor manufacturer stating only trace amounts of Diacetyl and AP in their flavors, in the third quarter of 2014 we submitted our full line for testing by a third party lab to have a clear analysis. The results confirmed what we already knew; the amount of Diacetyl was < 5ppm and the amount of AP (ppm) was minimal – even in our vanilla custard eliquid. (view our full lab report here)

The lab results obtained by Vapor Shark from Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. (click here to view) show a vast discrepancy in the amount of AP (pantanedione) when compared to our own third party analysis. We believe the numbers listed in the report supplied to Vapor Shark, by Enthalpy, are not accurate and are a poor indicator of the AP content of our eliquids.

Because of these discrepancies, our chemists will be sending out another round of our full line to be tested at the original lab as well as another third party lab to backup our original findings and eliminate any concern over the use of our products.

We are by no means opposed to Vapor Shark posting lab results. We only wish to ensure that the data being shared with the public is true and accurate.