A Letter To You About This Website Redesign And Rebrand You Don’t Like

I’ve changed the website a bit. And here are some words I have written to you to explain myself…

Dear fine readers and viewers of The Grumpy Vaper,

You humble me. I’ve been doing this site now for over two years, and in that time, I’ve never met a finer bunch of people than you wonderful lot. You’re a good breed of folk, you vapers. Granted, I’m trying to butter you up, but it’s true. So, thank you.

Now, are you in a good mood? Shall we continue, with my fingers crossed and legs akimbo?

In all the time TGV has been going, I’ve never done a website redesign, never mind a rebrand. I’m thus here to tell you about how I’ve ruined everything over the course of a few weeks just gone.

For, if all has gone to plan, you are now reading this on a redesigned and rebranded The Grumpy Vaper.

Let me tell you, I fear change myself. I liked the fact that the old site clicked and clunked along, that it had that thing in the margins that made it look as if your screen was a bit dirty. I liked the fact that it had that “Dymo label maker” alike logo on it that nobody likes. I liked the s̶i̶m̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶c̶l̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶  very dated, old skool website design that you’d probably forget about it in a matter of seconds.

But change had to come.


The last site was designed for a desktop computer screen, and most of you now tolerate TGV on laptops, tablets and Nokia 5110s . The last site didn’t really let you choose between the two different flavours of The Grumpy Vaper very well. Barry, from Barnstaple, had also suggested to me that I “make that crappy site a bit easier to read”. Truthfully, the server the last site was hosted on also smelt a little bit of days gone by crusty cobwebs and your Grandma’s knickers.

This is the new, shiny TGV. It’s here. To save you a bit of time, here are some sample comments you could copy and paste to the Disqus comments below, depending on your feelings towards The Grumpy Vaper 2.0.

  1. Thank you! This is an improvement. Go and help yourself to an extra Jaffa Cake!
  2. Holy shit. What have you done? I shall never darken your doors again.
  3. Sod this. I’m off to another vape blog.
  4. Meh. Rubbish. Move along.
  5. When is the next Reuleaux out? (That’s pronounced “ROOOOOOO-LAAAAAYZ”)

A serious note: whatever you think of TGV, I have worked quite hard on it and I honestly hope you enjoy the new website. I’ve been somewhat slapdash with uploading content over the past year as quite frankly, it’s been a year of hell. And not just in vaping, but personally too. The new site and rebrand are just what I needed to keep refreshed and inspired to carry on, so many thanks if you’ve kept coming back to have a gander and I hope to see you about the place a bit more as I get into the rhythm again.

Huge thanks, as always, for supporting TGV. It does mean the universe to me. I’ll probably return to ruin things again in two years’ time, when I get round to The Grumpy Vaper 3.0.

Vape long and prosper…

Damon Fairhurst
Owner/Editor/Writer/Grumpy Sod
The Grumpy Vaper

PS – Please get involved with the TGV and VTUK Bloody Big Vape Raffle here