Aspire Atlantis 2 Available Now – Atlantis Mega And CF Maxx To Arrive Mid-April

Sub-ohm tanks are a massive trend in vaping that doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down, with the Kanger Subtank series (Nano reviewed here yesterday), the Joyetech Atlantis_2Delta II and the Smok Vapor Chaser all offering sub-ohm coils that provide top-notch vapor production without the need to rebuild your own coils. The Aspire Atlantis was first on the block and was a game-changer of a device when it was first launched last November

Aspire previously announced the release of two new Atlantis tanks – the Atlantis 2 which is available to order now and the Atlantis Mega – which is due to come on sale in mid-April.

The Aspire Atlantis 2:

The Atlantis 2 improves on the older model by upping the tank capacity to 3 ml, adding 0.3 and 1.0 ohm coils (with the 0.5 ohm coil still available). The coil wicking material will be made from organic cotton. The new sub-ohm tank adss the feature of adjustable airflow holes to the drip-tip and apparently improves the main airflow control system at the base. The lower resistance coils push the cloud potential a little further (and it’s compatible with the old coils too), and the improved cotton wicks address some issues vapers had with the first version which used a ceramic material. The new airflow control in the driptip can be used is to cool down the vapour, but will also increase overall airflow.


The new Atlantis 2 will increase overall airflow with two elliptical air holes on opposite sides as oppose to one on the old Atlantis. Airflow in this thing will be massive adding an extra 9 x 2.6mm ellipse. You may also notice that the driptip will be an even wider bore at 15mm, rather than 12mm.


The question is, have Aspire missed a trick here not including an optional rebuildable deck with the Atlantis 2? Kanger now seem to have the lead on Aspire with the Subtank and Subtank Mini making this a major feature. Time will tell

The Aspire Atlantis 2 is now available to buy from Aspire direct at $45.00 here.


The Aspire Atlantis Mega:

Aspire’s Atlantis Mega is a broadly similar device to the second edition but with a larger capacity 5ml tank and extra options for airflow. The larger tank will be ideal for anyone who finds themselves going through more than 3 ml of e-liquid a day, and would appear to be a big improvement on the original edition, which only had room for 2 ml of liquid. Here’s the kicker though, the diameter of the tank has been increased to a ridiculously huge 30mm to allow for the extra tank capacity



The CF Maxx:

The Mega is released alongside the CF Maxx, a variable wattage mod (5-50 watts) which also has a 30 mm diameter, making the two work well together from an aesthetic perspective. It’s capacity is 3000mAh and comes in black.


The CF Maxx will ship 20th April.