Evil Cloud E-Liquids and Atom Vapes GClapton Coils Review from Grey Haze on TGV

The new gClapton OVC coils from Atom are a big improvement on flavour and clouds,logo-tm Atom’s high end gClapton OVC( Organic Vertical Clapton) coils turn your favourite tank into a beast!  The gClapton OVC coils feature 100% organic cotton wicking in a vertically designed clapton coil build, large wicking openings and the entire thing finished 24ct gold plated components for reliable voltage flow. The Atom gClapton OVC coils best perform at higher wattage then your standard coils and deliver competition level clouds, enhanced flavour, reduced burning and longevity.

After months of baneful innovation and a sordid passion for all things evil, deep underground the clouds were born…   Evil Cloud was nefariously created to be the most evil e-liquid of all time. Despite being arisen from the darkest of depths, the four flavours available today are truly heavenly…   The only clouds we blow are Evil…

Evil Cloud e-liquids and GClapton coils from Atom are reviewed below…

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