Evolv DNA 75 Incoming

As Evolv prepare to get stuck into a court battle with JoyetchEVOLV over a patent infringement of the DNA 200, overnight I’ve been emailed a number of pictures from the Las Vegas Convention which indicate they are about to release the DNA 75 chip into the vaping world.

Details are limited so far, but here’s what we know right now.

Now, I can hear you thinking, possibly somewhat cynically,DNA754 ‘What the hell is the point when we have the DNA 200?” Well, I’m told the reason is the DNA 200 won’t work with a single cell battery, so this would seem to be the logical answer in response to that problem. For those not interested in the horsepower of the DNA 200, who want a reasonably small form factor mod with a single 18650/26650, this could be the chip you’re looking for. One has to assume that this will also be a more cost effective alternative to the DNA 200.

As you can see in the attached pictures, the first mod to be released with the DNA 75 chip will be the HCigar VT75 a 26650 variable wattage device with temperature control.

There’s nothing revolutionary here, but Evolv can see the 75w YiHi chips denting their sales and obviously want a piece of that action.

Will the DNA 75 be compatible with Escribe software? That is yet to be confirmed, but with no stainless steel setting on the chip, you would think Evolv will have it future proofed to a degree by making the chip Escribe compatible.

That’s all we have for detail right now – but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this after the Las Vegas Convention closes tomorrow.

Here are the specs we know about right now: DNA753

  • 89mm x 52mm x 32mm
  • 510 thread
  • 26650 battery (not included)
  • Ni and Ti temperature control
  • 1 – 75watts
  • 100 – 300°c / 200 – 600°f
  • Red or black

TGV will have more on this as further details come in.

Do you covet the DNA 75? Future or failure? Let me know in the Disqus below.


DNA751 DNA752


  • David Bugler

    I’ve never been in the market for large mods or 200W so this chip for a single 18650/26650 mod is a big plus, but then a kick in the meat and two veg … no support for stainless steel wire! Why not?

    • David, thanks for your comment and welcome!

      If Evolv release this without Escribe support, well, they will have missed a huge trick and I’m sure they haven’t. If It has Escribe out of the box, then you’ll be able to use any wire you wish.

  • charlie

    I passed on the DNA200 regardless of cost because I wasn’t interested in the compromises made for the sake of 200 watts. I’m interested in everythinga about the DNA200 if it could run with a single 18650 or 2 18650’s running in paralell. Hopefully that is what evolv has in mind. I like the idea of being able to see my vaping activity as charts and graphs. Vaping gave me control of smoking. Now I’m lookind for control of vaping.

    As someone wrote below. I’m not looking for a lower price, I’m looking for the evolv program features in a single cell 18650 form factor. And my favorite form factor right now is the vtc mini. Too bad evolv and joytech are squabbling.

    • Mo Mikey

      You can run the DNA 200 on 2x 18650 cells (just they have to be in series, but you get the same watt-hours as a parallel setup) , just the power is limited to 133 watts with a 2 cell setup . Hell you can even still utilize the on board balance charger with 2x 18650 cells. So really i don’t see what you mean by having to make compromises with the DNA 200.

      • charlie

        Can the two cells be wired in paralell? I’m sure a paralell DNA200 mod does not exist. I’d consider building my own but I don’t see where mod parts are available except for a few bits and peices. But may be the DNA75 will have the same features at 75 watts. That should be usable with 1 cell or two in paralell.

        • Mo Mikey

          No, only in series with the dna 200. But you get the same battery life as you would with parallel setup. 2x 2500mah 18650 has 21watthours of energy wether it’d ran in series or parallel, so the energy reserve is the same. And really a series battery setup is more efficient . Like the dna 40 that’s runs from a single cell is 92% efficient, the dna 200 in its series setup is 97% efficient. You can buy parts to build you own with ease , just won’t be a parallel setup. Enclosures , boards , battery trays ,510 all available online. I build 3-5 DNA 200 mods a week. I use 3s lipo packs in my boxes and get a day and a half from a charge .

          • charlie

            I have both a cuboid and a vt mini. The cuboid doesn’t run much longer than the mini according to the puff timers. There are advantages to paralell wiring. I won’t have another 2 cell mod unless it paralell. It appears evolv will be releasing a dna75. Let’s see what features it has.

          • Mo Mikey

            there is also disadvantage to parallel wiring, like less efficiency . But if your trying to compare a single battery device to a dual battery device you should run the same batteries and same wattage , also the and resistance in your atty. Then you will see the battery life doubles with two batteries no matter if it’s wired in parallel or series( actually series will be a little better battery life due to increased efficiency in the converter). I get some people just can’t understand three science behind it but hey, the choice is yours.

          • charlie

            You can say that but I ran the tests you describe. The cuboid and mini make that easy. I used brand new batteries, the same settings, the same atomizer with the same build. The cuboid lasted no longer than the mini. I never go above 30 watts so there is no benefit to the cuboid for me. It’s kind of looking like I’ll be using only single cell mods from here on. A fresh HG2 in the mini makes it through a day. So I carry a spare for insurance on the rare occaisions when I need that.

  • dansus

    Been waiting for this, i like the chip but the 200 board is too big and prefer smaller form factors.

    • Mo Mikey

      the 75w board wont be much smaller than the dna 200.

  • Mo Mikey

    75w dna board will be a big score for evolv.