Kanger Strikes Back At TPD With Kanger CL Tank

Following myriad iterationskanger-CLTANK-tank- of the same products with very minor, incremental upgrades – I’m looking at you Subtank range – Here comes Kanger with a strike back against possible European TPD implementation.  The Kanger CL Tank is their first effort at a TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) compliant tank and has a couple of very interesting features.

First up, is the CL feature. Ever seen an atomiser with a childproof lock? Nope, me neither, and yet here it is. Something so simple it’s surprising this hasn’t been a feature on other atomisers previously. The mechanism seems to take it’s inspiration from e-liquid bottles and their chlidproof caps, to lock the tank you simply press and twist. If this feature works well, it has the potential to put many concerned parent’s minds at rest – I think we can regard this as a GOOD THING.

The next innovation is slightly more woolly in it’s description.kanger-CLTANK-tank-attributes When TPD kicks in May time, atomisers may need to be leak free and will definitely need to have a capacity of 2ml, or less. Kanger proudly boast that the CL Tank is, “Leaks free” – sic. But how many leaks? Let’s hope this isn’t a typo – we don’t want a Kanger tank that, “Leaks freely.”

Other more standard features you should know well include a pyrex glass tank, a topfill mechanism, and two different sizes: There’s the TPD compliant 2ml version, and the larger 4ml tank for those in the world unaffected by TPD..

Kanger also highlight, “Symmetric airflow holes”. I think they may be reaching a little far to suggest that’s an innovation.

This will be a fascinating one to to review. The child lock feature is potentially fantastic, however, I have not yet come across a tank which doesn’t leak and if this is the first, well, maybe we can shout that hugely important phrase: Game changer.

What are your thoughts on the Kanger CL Tank? Are you happy that this may be the future of vaping? Let me know in the Disqus below!