LAVABOX DNA 200 By Volcano – Full Review On TGV

The LAVABOX DNA 200 by Volcano is an all new highGrey Haze performance box mod fitted with the new powerful DNA200 chip by EVOLV. With a plethora of features including, temperature control, 200watt of power internal 3 cell lithium battery, upgrade able firmware, the LAVABOX is the ultimate in box mod technology.

With a brilliant form factor and size and an astounding 200watts with temperature control, you will never need another box, this one truly is the zenith in box mod technology. Boxes always have a downside, weather it be lack of power, cumbersome size, non rechargeable batteries, or poor battery life, the LAVABOX checks all these and more, bringing you all you will ever need in one neat package. Built to perfection without scrimping on materials or build quality.

Watch TGV’s full review below:


Now in stock at Grey Haze for £119.99 here:







  • BlaDe


    Purchased this device from official website for $169.99.
    Received a used item with scratches all over the screen and a small dent on it.
    Contacted and explained them the situation.

    Here is the response: Once you receive a prepaid label (usps
    first class), you must send the defective product back within 3 business days
    of receipt. The prepaid label will be void after 3 business days and we will be
    unable to process this RMA. You must
    send in your defective item prior to a replacement being send to you (why I
    have to suffer from your mistake???)

    Once we have received and tested your defective item we will
    notify you with the outcome. If the item has been found to indeed be defective
    after testing and meets the warranty terms, you will then be sent a replacement
    at that time. (IF the item IF REALLY???)

    Once we have received and tested your defective item we will
    notify you of the outcome and if a
    replacement has been sent, a tracking number will be included. (IF A

    WTF I PAID $170 for the new device and they send me
    scratched device with a dent. So now I have to send it back via usps first
    class (3-5days) and wait for their decision (who knows how long a day a week a
    month) and after that I MIGHT get or MIGHT not get a replacement. So I have to
    go through all that for my own money because they fact up. What a nice way to
    treat their customers.

    I was so excited about getting this new mod but now nothing
    except frustration.