Malaysia Special! Fiction Troops E-Liquid – Kapak Mods Drip Tips And Soft UK

Fiction Troops are a gourmet e-liquid company based in Malaysia.KapakMods If you want to try something new and exotic then watch below.

I’ll also have a look at Kapak Mods drip tips also from Malaysia. High end stabilised wood at a rather high price, but if you’re after something special to place atop your atomiser, you’re in the right place.

Also, one more update for the Soft UK charity raffle.


Fiction Troops E-Liquid can be purchased for £12 for 30mls plus £8 delivery to the UK on their Facebook page here:

Kapak Mods drip tips can be purchased for £22.00 from Vapor-Z here:…

Kapak Mods also have a Facebook page here:

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