Review Of Three E-Liquids From Colonel Boom


Who wants to go on a trip around the world? Colonel Boom’s e-liquid would have it that most of you vapers out there do.

I’d drop everything tomorrow to escape it all with MrsTGV and TGVJnr – who is obviously not using e-cigarettes, before the Daily Mail brigade bang down the doors of TGV Towers. I have been lucky enough to spend a long period of my early life travelling around exotic destinations and if there’s one thing great about vaping excellent e-liquids it’s the memories they can evoke of an almost forgotten golden experience.  I’ve written about this a couple of times over the past few weeks. It’s not something I’ve heard from other vapers either, so maybe I’m just one of the odd ones out there with too much of an active imagination. Let me know below if you’ve had any similar experiences.

Back to Colonel Boom and his e-liquid globetrotting experience. I romantically imagine him to be a somewhat displaced out of time, old-school colonialist with a huge, bushy, grey handlebar moustache, wearing a Pith Helmet to cover up his unbelievably scruffy, eccentric bush of hair. Grumbling about some dilapidated, tumbledown country mansion – a Flashman-type having given up his antique Peterson Repousse Meerschaum Estate pipe and the accompanying tobacco, for something rather more healthy and vape related.

Now,”The Colonel is back from duty to bring you the secret delights picked up from around the world and freshly made for your electronic devices.”

Enough of my adventurous thoughts on the clever marketing though. How are the Colonel Boom e-liquids? Could they put you in mind of some far-flung destination in paradise? Perhaps evoke an experience with a croc in outback Australia? Let’s delve in and find out, you and I. All the e-liquids were sent to me at a ratio of 60VG/40PG and at 12mg nicotine strength. Forward, MARCH!

Key West:Key_West

It’s a funny old coincidence that I should receive this e-liquid a mere few days following another experience with another exquisite Key Lime Pie. It’ll be tough to beat Key Lime Pie from E-Vapor Hut, no doubt. Colonel Boom describes it as, “Fresh from the Keys, our Key Lime Pie recipe harks back to the traditional method and uses fresh zesty limes over a delicious condensed milk based filling and surrounded by crumbly and delicious crust.” It’s a close-run race too. The lime flavour is predominant on the inhale and there’s all that invigorating acidity that cleanses the palate from a good lime. On the exhale there’s a tinge of vanilla and some sweetness from what I think tastes more like a custard than condensed milk. I don’t detect much of that crust, but there is a low-note there in the mix. Key West is possibly a slightly more grown up pudding than the “other one” from Stateside as it’s not quite so thick with sugar. If you want to close your eyes and have a slice of pie under a swaying palm tree, then this is for you and comes highly recommended. Vapour production is excellent and the throat hit packs a punch. Good stuff, Colonel.


I admire this e-liquid a great deal. It’s a stimulating blend of strawberry, kiwi and apple. The three fruits mix so well together as a cocktail of essences, but also retain total individuality, so you’re always completely aware of the respective fruit and that’s very clever alchemy indeed. So many of these mixed fruit blends come across as muddled and as a result muddied and confused, but not Ceasefire. This is up there with Bad Honeymoon and Strawberry Fields as one of the best e-juices I’ve had this year. The balance of sweet strawberry and kiwi is about equal with just a delicate touch of sour apple to cut through the mix. Vapour is again thick – no wispy clouds here – and the throat hit, although more slight in comparison to Key West is still just enough. We’re going great guns, it’ll be up there near the top come year’s end.

By Jove:By_Jove

Over the past few days I’ve almost done in the bottles of Ceasfire and Key Lime, but By Jove has been almost untouched, mainly because I adore those other two a touch more than the cast-out jealous runt of the triplets. I’ve spent a bit more time with By Jove today though and while I have enjoyed its complexity there is something not quite right about it and that’s the menthol. By Jove is, “Lightly stewed rhubarb fool that compliments the double cream and a hint of vanilla with a lightly chilled effect that makes it feel like the juice has come straight out of your fridge.” It’s a more challenging e-liquid than the others and i like a bit of a challenge. The rhubarb fool side of the juice is right on the nose. It’s creamy too and the balance of sweetness to sour rhubarb is perfect, but then there’s that slight menthol tinge which I personally feel tips the balance in the wrong way. The cooling effect is good, if it was just a cooling effect I’d be very content to have this as an all dayer, but I feel the flavour of menthol is just a touch too assertive. While By Jove is nowhere near unpleasant, it does not quite shake off the runtish quality. Vapour is again outstanding as is the throat hit. All that said, I am greedy for rhubarb fool, so I’ll finish it off with no problem and I have to say with every passing vape I take the poor thing grows on me a little bit more. Some e-liquids you learn to love with time, maybe this will be one of them.

The Colonel has given me three good to outstanding must-try e-liquids then. It’s frustrating in a way, because I’m The Grumpy Vaper and most of this week’s e-liquids have made me very happy and relaxed.

Colonel Boom hasn’t exactly taken me on the global tour I was promised, but he has given me some damned good juices to enjoy, so many thanks Sir.


Damon Fairhurst

Key West – 9.20

Ceasefire – 9.35

By Jove – 7.25

Vapour Production – 9.15

Throat Hit – 8.25

Overall – 8.70

You can get yourself some Colonel Boom, here.

Have you tried any e-liquids from the Colonel? Been reminded of something special from a juice apart from the flavour? Get stuck in with me below.




  • Great writing skills you have. I’ve yet to try the Colonel Boom juices, Gavin obviously knows what he’s doing and we’ve been in touch a couple of times, he’s been in the business a bit longer than me and he was one of the people who (and he probably doesn’t realise it) got me to stick with it in September. One thing his juices and mine share in common is the ‘global’ flavours and inspiration. I shan’t derail and detract from the Colonels superb juices, but you can read the inspiration behind the Golden Child here.

    All my juices have a global feel, partly because , like you GV I used to travel in my 20’s from my hometown in Coventry well known for it’s vibrant cosmopolitan scene, also worked in Eastbourne for a while!
    (If you look on the bjuice site , on the top menu there’s a description of brother Juices search for fine tobaccos, I used to teach TEFL in the early 90s, spent a couple of years in Turkey, a year in moroccos, a year in madrid, 18 months in Gdansk, all the usual haunts of semi-alcoholic TEFL teachers at the time.)

    • Bucky, thanks for the words. Can you just check your “Other” messages on Facebook please?

      • Have I got a detention?

        • Nobody will face the banhammer here, unless it gets to a point that the majority are offended and call for it. Not at all.

          Free thinkers are very, very welcome.

  • Leigh Godson

    I think you have the wrong juice maker Bucky. This is Colonel Boom’s range not Generals

    • 😀 Jesus Christ, you’re right, it’s been a long day, (getting all the Halloween Juices packed and shipped on time, with a broken neck, and then my marriage finally coming to an end…albeit for about the 12th time in the last 3 years) Thanks leigh, If I edit that out the whole post i made is just me spamming. Do i know you from elsewhere under another name? Are you the Colonel?

      • Leigh Godson

        You probably know of me from ukv as plumeblu 🙂 I do have a little to do with making these juices though 😉 although I feel more like a builder at present as we’re having a new (bigger) cleanroom made and a B&M shop for plumeblu

        Sorry to hear about you neck (and marriage)

        • its okay, we’ll probably trawl it on for another couple of months, good work on the expansion and the B & M, do plumeblu make their own juices, or is the Colonel also the mastermind behind plumeblu, you’ve answered my question, but confused me more :), pm me, somewhere. Actually, you’ll hear from me, just been reading about the Colonel Boom Juices on your/his? site, gonna put an order in this evening….