Review Of Three E-Liquids From Vape Swag

Today, I am a Jedi!Vape_Swag

This morning there was a knock at the door, I stumbled down the stairs in my usual zombified state to find an incredibly happy postman at my door with the package I’ve been waiting eagerly for all week.

I broke the box excitedly apart and there it was in a little brown box – The Vapor Flask DNA40 – every vaper’s dream lightsaber I am energised with The Force and it flows through me with great power! Although, this doesn’t really have anything to do with the today’s e-liquid review, this arrival is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my final thoughts on these three from Vape Swag would be the first e-liquids vaped on the new Flask, effectively christening it. Secondly, I just wanted to put forward my first impressions on one of the most desirable gadgets in vaping right now before the e-liquid review.

Let me be clear, the Vapor Flask is as amazing as everybody would have you believe. It is a stunning piece of craftsmanship. It has a design aesthetic that puts it up there into the realm of the greats, so yes; it’s up there with the iPhone and the like. As a passionate vaper it exceeds the design of the iPhone and other design greats like Alessi’s juice maker, or the Dyson Vacuum. This thing is stunning to look at and better to hold – it’s a modern classic for this brave new world of vaping we’re heading towards, it is future now and it makes me very, very happy. TGV will have a full review up in the next few days.

Vape Swag has a lot to live up to then, being the first e-liquid on this Eighth Wonder of the World. Can they meet expectations? The Vape Swag e-liquids are 50VG50PG blends and were sent to me at 12mg strength nicotine. Let’s see how strong with The Force they are…

Order 66:

Order 66 must be the creamiest e-liquid I’ve ever tried, which for me has become a bit of an acquired taste. When I first tried it I was somewhat unsure of the feeling in my mouth – I found the sensation of having a mouthful of cream a little odd, but it has its place now as a great after-dinner vape. Described as, “Vanilla, Banana Cream, Custard”, I don’t get a great deal of vanilla, but there’s a good honest banana flavour that isn’t too sweet and it comes with a huge dollop of cream on top. It’s more subtle in flavour than many of the banana e-liquids I’ve tried, but this is actually a positive as Order 66 sets itself apart from the rest of the mob in its flavour subtlety. The custard isn’t at all eggy, as with the cream it is more of a sensation than an outright in your face flavour. Order 66 goes brilliantly with a good cup of coffee and I’ll enjoy finishing it off in short order. Vapour production is thick, but the throat hit is a little slight for me. It’s good stuff nonetheless.

Bantha Milk:VS_Bottles

Let’s get this out of the way. Bantha Milk worried me. I didn’t like Blue Raspberry Slush when I was a kid. Not at all – but, then I wasn’t really a normal kid. After school, before the summer holidays in the sweltering heat my mates would race to the newsagent and all get a large Blue Raspberry Slush, while I got a copy of The Guardian, totally confused and rather nonplussed about the excitement surrounding the blue chemical stuff. I have to say Bantha Milk has changed my mind a bit. It’s not really how I remember it. Bantha Milk seems like a much more sophisticated version of that horrible stuff – almost like a cocktail mixologist dialled the sweetness right back, mixed in a touch of sour, shook it firmly and ordered it to, “GROW UP SON!” So yeah, pleasantly surprised about this one I am.  Vapor production is again good for a 50/50 mix, but again I’m left wanting for a touch more throat hit. I’ve just one more thing to add on this and I had to check with Jamie (The Vape Swag Boss) on something. All the while I’ve been vaping this I have been convinced Bantha Milk has a cooling effect similar to By Jove (reviewed here), Jamie tells me there is no cooling effect, so there must be some weird psychology going on with me – Nothing new there then.

Old Ben:

Right of the bat you know you’re in for something special with Old Ben. The bakery aroma when you lift off the lid is palpable and has your mouth watering. I know I’ll have problems down the line when MrsTGV loudly proclaims, “THAT IS MINE!” I am not one to cross her in her most passionate moments, I’ve learned that it is foolish to even attempt to change her mind once it is set. So, I was allowed five mls when we opened the bottle, then I managed to snaffle the last two for my final thoughts. Old Ben is simply described as, “Cookie Cappuccino” and yeah, there’s not a lot more to say here, apart from it is very addictive stuff. A great sweet cookie is the dominant flavour with a hint of coffee percolating away in the background. Personally, I’d like a little more cappuccino kicked in, but when the blend tastes this good I’m really nitpicking. MrsTGV is on the hunt for the perfect coffee vape and this has come near the top of her list so far. Vapour is again outstanding and the throat hit seems to give a bit more of a wallop. If I Kenobi get it off her a bit more when we get the next bottle, I’ll be happier.

Not a bad way to kick off with the Vapour Flask then and another good showing from the North East.

Vape Swag, you are strong with The Force young one, I foresee you rising the ranks to Jedi Master in this brave new world we vapers are shaping.

Damon Fairhurst

Order 66: 8.25

Bantha Milk: 7.55

Old Ben: 8.65

Vapour Production: 8.85

Throat Hit: 7.15

Overall: 8.05

Vape Swag e-liquids cost 100ml £35 per bottle + £3 Delivery/30ml £12 per bottle + £3 Delivery/10ml £5 per bottle + £1 Delivery.

You can order the Vape Swag range of e-liquids here.

Have you tried any Vape Swag? Let me know in the comments below.