TGV And Digbys Competition!


Here’s the competition prize draw video:

Many congrats to the three of you and a big thank you to all who took apart and importantly, Sam Cox for providing all the prizes!

I have a very flaky WiFi connection right now, so the Youtube video of the competition results will be up later. I’ll put the winners up now and follow up with the video evidence as soon as I can!

So, the winners are…

1st Prize – Helen Brown

2nd Prize – Robert Moore

3rd Prize – Pirran Driver

Time for a glass of bubbly I expect? I’ll be in touch soon to sort out the prizes!


Competition closes on Monday, 2nd March at 4.00pm.Digbys_Logo

If you’re not in it yet, then get involved now!

I’ll be on holiday when the competition entries are drawn on, but will break away from the sun, booze and fun to video the prize draw.

Ok you lucky, lucky people! Digbys week comes to a close with a bang.

Here’s your chance to win something quite amazing…

Sam Cox of Digbys Juices has very kindly provided TGV will three top prizes for anyone who enters this competition. The top three winners will all win a strictly one-off e-liquid that Sam has mixed himself and will never be available to anybody else, anywhere else, ever again!

This one-off Digbys e-liquid has banana flavour notes and that’s all I’ll say about it. I have tried this e-liquid and I’ll tell you it’s up there with the best Digbys has ever done.

We’ve cunningly named this very, very limited edition e-liquid, “The One-Off”.

The prizes are:

1st Prize – Two 100ml bottles of The One-Off and a Digbys hoodie.

2nd Prize – Two 100ml bottles of The One-Off

3rd Prize – One 30ml bottle of The One-Off

I’ll say this one more time, this is the only time you’ll ever be able to try this stunning e-liquid. The One-Off is a cracker.

So, what do you have to do to win a prize? It’s simple:

Like TGV Facebook page.

Follow TGV on Twitter.

Subscribe to TGV on Youtube.

You can find the social media buttons at the top right of the website.

Leave your name in the Disqus comments below, with whatever name you use on the above social media channels so we can verify them.

This competition will run until Monday, 2nd March – I’ll then put all the names into a randomiser and contact you in person to sort out your details and where to send the prizes.

Good luck everybody!

TGV would like to say a big thank you to Sam for providing the prizes.


***OVER 18s ONLY***

  • Phil Sandiford

    Done and done:
    Twitter: Phily / @Phily50
    Facebook: Phil Sandiford
    Youtube: flill66

  • Scott Harwood

    Entered dude.

    Facebook : Scott Harwood
    Twitter: @scottevil30

    • Scott, Youtube mate?

      • Scott Harwood

        I subscribed on YouTube but I just use the account tied to my phone, which I bought off my mum. So janice harwood. I think.

  • Michelle Best

    Facebook: Michelle Best
    Twitter: best75bird
    You Tube:

    Love Digby’s juices

  • pirran driver

    Nice one! I never use twitter so struggled to remember my details from years ago but here goes:
    Twitter: Pirran Driver
    Facebook: Pirran Driver
    Youtube: Pirran Driver

    It seems to me that if one off is as good as you say it is, and that it really is a one off, winning is likely to be a poisoned chalice!

    • Pirran, many thanks, Did you follow on Twitter? I have to be a bit tough about this unfortunately as it won’t be fair for the other entries otherwise.

      • pirran driver

        Hi TGV – I thought I did – I managed to sign in to twitter after a lot of headscratching and thought I clicked on following you…….but will go and check – thanks for notifying rather than disqualifying!

        • pirran driver

          Just checked and yes, you are one of two people I follow on twitter!

          • So you are, you must have been following before today – apologies!

            You’re in.

          • pirran driver

            Phew! nice one. I think you should do the draw tonight, right now (though I’ll still probably lose, even with a 3/5 chance!)

          • Ha! It’d be the same for me too is I could enter. Never, ever win a thing.

            Wish you the best of luck!

  • John Fenner

    Facebook John Fenner
    Twitter cheekyprawnking

  • You’re on youtube?? oh so you are,thats a new one 🙂 You have the perfect face for radio etc…
    adrian fitzpatrick, bucky juice, b-juice etc, following you round like a cloud of midges I am

    • Yup. This is the first video for TGV on Youtube. I’d like to do more interviews like this in the future. Juice/device reviews – probably not.

  • Svapes

    Twitter – svapes
    Facebook – Sean white
    Yt- Sean white
    Never knew you were on YouTube off to watch the digbys interview now!

  • Svapes

    Twitter svapes
    Fb Sean white
    Yt sea white
    I’m off to watch the digbys video now

  • Robert Moore

    facebook robert.moore.52493
    twitter robm866 youtube

  • Ash Porter

    Facebook – ash.porter.142
    Twitter – @BashPorter
    Youtube – Bash0rz

    Just ordered some Digbies after watching your video so would love to win this. Thanks.

  • pirran driver

    I am sure that 3rd prize was 2 or even 3 x 30 mls a few days ago TGV…….been working your way through the prize pot old fellow? If I were you I would have kept the the top two prizes as one 100 ml bottle each and trousered the rest (mind you who knows how many gallons Sam gave you!)

    • Pirran, no not at all! I had a 10ml tester from Sam last month to try it out. All the prizes will be sent out by Digbys themselves, I’m not holding any of the prizes here.

      My word, with all the fuss regarding corruption in the vaping media over the last few days I didn’t think I’d get the spotilght put on me.

      Just to be clear though, do you still want your name in the pot?

      • pirran driver

        LOL yes please keep my name in the hat. Just a playful poke but reading that bit about the gallons back i can see it sounds a bit like a slur which was not at all the intention mate!

        Goodness – you only got 10 ml of it? I hope your name’s in the hat too then!

        I must have missed the fuss in the vaping media regarding corruption – what’s that all about?

  • Julian Wright

    subscribed on youtube, like on FB and following on twitter, enjoyed the Sam Cox interview. thanks man

  • Mark Davis

    Entered, Mark Davis on FB, YouTube Markyd43vaper, Twitter MarkyDVaper43

    • Hmm, don’t see you on FB for some reason Mark…

      • Mark Davis

        Just posted on your FB page buddy

  • Ruddy

    Done, great opportunity.

    FB: Nigel Rudd
    Tw: NigelRudd
    YT: N Rudd

    • You’re in Nigel – best of luck!

      • Ruddy

        Nice job with the interview.
        More like it please.

        • Ah, cheers Nigel. Glad you enjoyed it. I do plan expanding the Youtube channel with more interviews is the future – watch this space.

  • Richard Watson

    I’ve never used Twitter and never will so sorry I’m unable to follow you. However I’ve got you on Facebook and I shall like YouTube account. Because i don’t have a Twitter account, I will share your Facebook page on my Facebook news feed. Hope I can still be entered and good luck all !

    • Really appreciate your honesty Richard, but I need to a bit tough about this, sorry. The others who have entered could understandably be a bit pissed off about it. Come on, it’ll only take you two minutes to register on Twitter and you never need use it again! 😉

      • Richard Watson

        Ok understood

  • Richard Watson

    FB – Richard Watson , also shared TGV page due to not having Twitter.
    YT –

  • Vaping Biker

    Done, done, and done on Dean Pettitt on FB & Twitter 🙂

    • Are you DSJ on Facebook mate?

    • Jason Flatt

      Jason flatt – FB
      brurobinson -Twitter

  • BadSeed

    FB: Derek Scott Jolly
    Twitter: @DerekScottJolly
    YT: Derek Jolly

  • OoMrCustardoO .

    all done and checking out your review 😀


    twitter: @OoMrCustardoO


  • Richard Watson

    Lol ok done the Twitter account .. @richardjameswa1 , fb Richard Watson, YT richwat76 😀

  • Greg Howells

    Ok, following/liked on Facebook and subscribed on You Tube but I don’t have Twitter. Can I still play? Fantastic comp btw, I lurve banana juice – would love to try one-off!
    FB: Greg Howells
    YT: Gregory Cartoon
    POTV: gregorycartoon

    • Sorry Greg, same rules have to apply for all. As I’ve said below, it’ll only take you two minutes to register on Twitter – you don’t need to use it again after that.

  • Rašo Peter Zanický

    Done on Youtube: RasoSVK

    Done on FB: same like here 🙂

    • And Twitter? Comp closing at 6pm, you need to be quick.

      • Rašo Peter Zanický

        I don`t use Twitter 🙂

  • man hin

    ok done

  • Bert Broek

    OK done I think. Ft Bert Broek, twitter don’t know I think just bert Broek, YouTube bertbroek0806 I guess. Is Holland also invited in the contest?

  • Nikki Mcleman

    Fb – Nikki Mcleman
    twitter – @rheduk1
    YouTube – nikkimcleman.Nm

  • ανδρεας

    @andreashadji done on Twitter and YouTube!
    Sorry guys I don’t do fb….

  • Jamie Mc

    YouTube Jamie mc
    Twitter J.M, @Jamie_GT1
    Facebook Jamie Mc

    Time to make a cuppa and watch this Digby’s interview.

  • Skinku

    Hello there, I have entered..
    FB: andy piles
    Twitter: @_skinku
    YouTube: skinku or Andy Piles
    Fingers crossed.

  • Helen Brown

    FB – Helen Brown
    Twitter – Wizzzard
    YT – BCFwizzzard

  • Jonny Murgz

    Done cheers guys

    FB & YouTube: Jonny Murgz
    Twitter: @avavape

    Thanks again

  • Twitter @VapeoHolics facebook Louise Hodgetts and you tube VapeoHolic

  • Dan Willis

    Done mate-

    Dan Willis on Facebook
    danwillis1986 on twitter (was already following!)
    danwillis1986 and my email address on YouTube

  • Adrian Lucas

    I’m following on twitter. @securityuniform

  • GillRockatansky

    Done, done and done.

    Gill Rockatansky on FB
    @GillRockatansky on Twitter
    Gill Rockatansky on YouTube

    Fingers and toes crossed.

  • Sarah Jo Bloggs

    Nice one!!! thank you 🙂 on fb I’m Sarah Jo Bloggs, twitter, SarahBloggsy and Youtube, Sarah James.

  • Maggs Maggs-Maggs

    Facebook: Maggs Maggs-Maggs
    Twitter: @GnosisMaggs
    Youtube: Amheir

  • Andy Robinson

    Done and thanks fo the comp FB like

  • Tony

    Facebook: Tony Lee Benstead
    Twitter: @tonyleebenstead
    Youtube: overkiller0999

    Thanks guys!

  • Liz

    I’ve liked all three. Am I in? Liz Tane on all.

  • Mark Antosik

    Done on facebook Mark Antosik thanks also on POTV but couldn’t enter through that

  • ScottWichall

    Scott Wichall or blademansw. I was already following you on Faceache 🙂

  • pirran driver

    Amazing!!!! I hope I don’t love it too much though…. Cheers TGV & Digbys!

  • Helen Brown

    I don’t believe it I actually won something 😀 Thank you so much TGV you’ve really brightened my day up 😀 😀 😀

  • ScottWichall

    Grats to the winners, and thank you to TGV for a super comp :-0