TGV And Manabush Competition

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I’ll draw the prizes soon and put up a video of the winners!

The winners:

1. Jamie Mc
2. Jack5255
3. Pirran Driver

Many congrats. I’ll email you now!



Last 24 hours on the Manabush Competition all!


Ok you lucky, lucky people! Manabush Week starts with a bang!

Here’s your chance to win something pretty damn cool.

Martin of Manabush has very kindly provided TGV with three top prizes for the winners of this competition. The top three selected from a randomiser will all win a Manabush Gift Set which contains:

Powwow Sauce, Nokomis, Nanbozho, Chiricahua Sun, Coyote Coconut, Ixcacao, Mojave Dessert and Waxahachie.


1 Small Dreamcatcher
1 Large Dreamcatcher (First prize winner only)

These are cracking prizes, so I’ll do a quick rundown if what the winners will receive:

1st Prize – The Manabush 8 x 30ml Full Range Gift Set

2nd Prize – The Manabush 8 x 10ml Full Range Gift Set

3rd Prize – The Manabush 8 x 10ml Full Range Gift Set



********Please read carefully********

So, what do you have to do to win a prize? It’s simple:

Like the Manabush Facebook page here –

Follow Manabush on Twitter here –

Like TGV Facebook page here –

Follow TGV on Twitter here –

Subscribe to TGV on Youtube here –

Five simple steps then.

After you’ve done that, leave your name in the Disqus comments below, with whatever name you use on the above social media channels so we can verify them.

This competition will run until Wednesday 27th May at 7.30pm – I’ll then put all the names into a randomiser, release a video here to announce the winners and contact you in person to sort out your details and where to send the prizes.

Good luck everybody!

TGV would like to say a big thank you to Martin for providing the prizes.




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        I did manabush and TGV on FB and Twitter and Subscribe to TGV on YouTube. All done 🙂

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        Cheers Damon. Glad to see the site growing so rapidly matey.

  • pirran driver

    Nice one thanks TGV and Martin. Hope my luck continues – that Digbys “one off” was amazing (been meaning to post something about it on UKV for some time….)

    Twitter: Pirran Driver
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    • Ah, glad you enjoyed in matey. It was special I agree.

      You’re in again.

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    All done and great comp its Paul Padge Paget on FB Twitter is Wookie7777 and YouTube is Paul Paget (vader66666666)

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  • Ian Vapour

    Great giveaway, have tried two of these juices and really enjoyed them. Thanks for the chance, good luck everyone. Gareth Witty

  • Eros Rodrigo Milanez de Freita

    My name Eros Rodrigo Milanez de Freitas




  • Eros Rodrigo Milanez de Freita

    My name Eros Rodrigo Milanez de Freitas



  • Piers symons

    Done. Piers Symons, @piers_victor, piers Symons
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  • Richard Venn

    Congrats to all the winners,and also a big thanks to GV and ZT.