TGV And The Captain’s Reserve Competition





1 Phil Sandiford – Pieces of Eight

2 Iam Luke – Rapscallion

3 Denise Apsey – Buccaneer’s Bounty

Phil Sandiford, Pieces of Eight is the name for the new The Captain’s Reserve limited edition e-liquid.

Many congrats all!



The guys at The Captain’s Reserve are taking the weekend to decide on the winner. It’s not everyday a new e-liquid is named, so it’s important stuff.

We’ll announce the winner here on Monday evening!


***Last few hours on this guys, the competition closes at 7.30pm***



Ok you lucky, lucky people!

Here’s your chance to win something quite unique in the world of e-liquid.

Oliver of The Captain’s Reserve has very kindly provided TGV with three top prizes for the winners of this competition. The top three selected will all win some e-liquid from the range. The first and second prize winners will both win some glass skulls pictured to the right!

These are cracking prizes, so I’ll do a quick rundown if what the winners will receive:


1st Prize – Three 40ml Skulls of your choice

2nd Prize – Two 40ml Skulls of your choice

3rd Prize – Four 10ml bottles of your choice



********Please read carefully********

So, what do you have to do to win a prize? It’s simple:

The Captain’s Reserve will shortly be releasing a new limited edition mystery e-liquid. We want you to name that liquid in a pirate style, in keeping with the branding of The Captain’s Reserve.

One name only please folks – We don’t want to see lists of thirty names!

If anybody steals another person’s suggestion – THEN YOU WILL WALK THE PLANK OF SHAME AND BE DISQUALIFIED!


Then share your e-liquid pirate themed name on:

The Disqus below this article.

The Captain’s Reserve Facebook page here –

Two simple steps then.

Watch The Captain’s Reserve interview here for inspiration!

This competition will run until Thursday, 11th June at 7.30pm – We’ll then decide who are the three winners, release a video here to announce the winners and contact you in person to sort out your details and where to send the prizes.

Good luck everybody!

TGV would like to say a big thank you to Oli for providing the prizes.

TGV will be reviewing the full range of The Captain’s Reserve very soon.


  • Scott Harwood

    The Black Spot

  • Phil Sandiford

    Pieces of Eight

  • ScottWichall

    Blackbeard’s Breath

  • Jamie Mc


  • spookypubes

    peg leg
    keel hauled
    golden doubloons
    Jolly Roger
    Skull and Crossbones
    The Gibbet arm
    Hoist the main sail
    high seas
    davey jones locker
    Marie celeste
    scurvy dog
    land lubber

    ahoy me hearties!

  • Colin Pressland


  • pirran driver

    Nice competition TGV! Shame we don’t know the character/flavour of the juice to try and match a perfect name, but should still be great fun – so many good terms in the pirate dictionary! I need some time to use my cutlass to whittle it down to one……though I must say the very first entry, keelhaul, strikes me as a good’un!

  • Rob Daffurn

    Nice competition. Cannot understand why they haven’t already got one called ‘Jolly Roger’ so I’ll go with that. thanks TGV & Captains!

  • pirran driver

    …….right I am going to go for “Broadside”. Might not be the most piratey or arcane word on my shortlist but it’s a name with some bang which might suit the aniseed punch of the new juice mentioned in the video

  • Guys you need to share your e-liquid pirate themed name on BOTH:

    The Disqus here


    The Captain’s Reserve Facebook page here –

  • Guys you need to share your e-liquid pirate themed name on BOTH:

    The Disqus here


    The Captain’s Reserve Facebook page here –

    If anybody steals another person’s suggestion – THEN YOU WILL WALK THE PLANK OF SHAME AND BE DISQUALIFIED!

    • Christopher Ashton

      I just posted it to their Facebook page my name. is that correct?

  • Jack5255

    Urca de lima-liquid gold

    Anyone who’s watched black sails or knows the treasure island story should recognise it 😀

  • Nicholas Farmer


    • Zachary Allen Jackson

      Sounds like a flavor I’d want to puff on for the rest of my life!

  • Zachary Allen Jackson

    I’m going with ” Tortuga “

  • Richie Francis

    Pollys Cracker

  • Michael Earley


  • Marilyn Winstone

    Pieces of Great.

    • Phil Sandiford


  • Ally MacGilchrist

    Gunna say,, “sea dog”

  • craig sayce

    The Armourer

  • Benjamin Thompson



    cannon fodder

    • Padge, one of their e-liquids is already called Cannon Fodder!

  • Scurvy Sauce

  • Andrew John Fowler

    The Jolly Dodger

  • Becki Vieira

    My suggestion is ‘shipmate’

  • Bomba’s Hornswoggler, or simply The Hornswoggler. For a juice whose appearances are deceptive, its not what you might be expecting….

  • Alan Wilson

    ‘The Crow’s nest’. Great idea for a comp, cheers!

  • Iam Luke

    Rapscallion – just because its an awesome word and suggest a little mischief. Thanks for the comp 🙂

  • Drew Flower

    Garrrr I be thinking ‘Flints Gold’

  • Jude27

    keel Hauled is my suggestion

  • Paul Worth

    as posted on facebook ……… Shiver mi Timbers

  • Ricky Foulkes

    Friggin’ In The Riggin’

  • peter green

    Bilge Sucker

  • t01ga

    Barba Rossa (the real Turkish pirate named as ‘red beard’ by the Italians).

  • McBoffin

    Bosun’s bounty


    Smees secret sauce

  • Lee Warren

    I’ve already posted on Facebook and now here. I went with “Blackbeards Hidden Treasure” good luck all and thank you for the chance to win

  • Paul Thompson

    Captain Flint

  • what about….R. Jimladd

  • Crossbones

  • Christopher Ashton

    I pick corsair

    means pirates of the sea. think it fits personally

  • Itsher

    “Hornswaggle” entered on the page also.

  • Richard Watson

    I choose : ”Old salt ”

  • Allison Dean

    It be the black swan ( said in my best pirate voice)

  • Ryan Newland

    Scurvy Sea-dogs Grog

  • Gary Carter

    Argghh ows about ‘Pleasure Island’

    • Zachary Allen Jackson

      That’s rad

  • Andrew Mason

    the jolly rogers tears

  • Svapes

    Rock the plank

  • Zachary Allen Jackson

    I’d be willing to pay shipping and bottle cost minimum if I could get my hands on a skull shaped bottle from you guys… that’s gotta be the best shape of a bottle I’ve seen to date!