TGV And Totally Wicked Election Competition!


And the winners are…

  1. Rašo Peter Zanický
  2. Bert Broek
  3. King Moonie

I’ll be in contact with you by email shortly. Many congrats!



Time for a timely TGV/Totally Wicked Election Competition.

Totally Wicked are doing some excellent work fighting for all of us vapers against TPD and Article 20 (more here) and at TGV, I thought it was time to celebrate their work with a competition.

Here’s your chance to win some pretty cool prizes!

Totally Wicked have kindly provided all five of their Red Label strictly limited edition Election range of e-liquids (18mg nicotine – 50VG/50PG) for a competition and I’ve thrown an MVP 2.0 in for the first prize winner too.

Totally Wicked say, “These sumptuous, moreish e-liquids are modelled after our esteemed political leaders and we feel they match their personalities perfectly. These fluids are priced to sell by the bucket full, and with only 35 days of life they may well become the flavours of TW legend, one every TW vaper will want to be part of.”

Here’s a rundown of each e-liquid and details on how you can win them:

Cameron’s Eton Mess:

The current PM’s old school was the obvious starting point for this one, and that led us to think about tradition, the sound of leather on willow, summer days, and strawberries and cream.  This e-liquid is based on a British classic – fresh strawberries, sweet meringue, and lashings of clotted cream!

Miliband’s Rocky Red:

Being leader of the opposition is often described as the worst job in British politics, so where better to escape to for a break than the great British seaside, famous not just for being a great holiday destination but also for hosting many party political conferences.  Whether you go for the politics or the sea, with its minty, fruity flavour (with a hint of pear drops and no trace of bacon!) this e-liquid will have you reminiscing about sand in places it shouldn’t go and figuring out with your brother just how they managed to put those words into the sticks of rock.

Clegg’s Blueberry Coalition Crumble:

We know it’s normally apple and blackberry crumble, but we are Totally Wicked and we wanted this to be different. This e-liquid casts a nod to Nick Clegg and his penchant for a blueberry vape, but of course Mr Wicked had to go one further and add a dash of shortcake and vanilla.

Farage’s Lunchtime Tipple:

We all know Nigel Farage likes his ciggies and a pint; now it turns out he is also a vaper!  So we’ve made this e-liquid especially for him.  A full tobacco flavour with a dash of beer, topped off with a note of espresso – Well it can’t be too boozy now, can it?

Bennet’s Green Deal:

This one is all about organic fusions and free-range menthol.  An e-liquid to revive the spirits of any eco warrior, made with an interesting combination of gooseberries and kiwi with a hint of menthol; Bennett’s Green Deal is surprisingly subtle with earthy tones.

The prizes are:

1st Prize – One Innokin MVP 2.0 and first choice of two of the TW Election E-Liquids

2nd Prize – Your choice of two of the remaining TW Election E-Liquids

3rd Prize – The remaining TW Election E-Liquid

So, what do you have to do to win a prize? It’s simple. This is not rocket science, but have a good read of the rules before you enter:

  • Share the competition with the buttons below on either Facebook or Twitter
  • Like my page on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter using the buttons in the sidebar – top right 
  • Tell me in the Disqus comments below whether you shared on Facebook or Twitter
  • Leave whatever name you use on the above social media channels so we can verify them

This competition will run until Friday, 24th April at 6pm – I’ll then put all the names into a randomiser and contact you in person to sort out your details and where to send the prizes.

Good luck one and all!

TGV will have a full review of Totally Wicked’s Election range very soon.

*****Over 18s ONLY*****


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