TGV Industry Insider Interview With Rianne & Tan From Vapor-Z

Rianne and Tan Abul are the owners of Vapor-Z and they are bloody good sports.Vapor-Z is a family run company basedVaporZ_Logo in Preston,Lancashire.They were originally based from one B&M store in Bamber Bridge, but have added another outlet with a store in Leyland along with supplying the UK from their web store, here.

I reviewed their e-liquids here last Wednesday and very good they were too. Prior to that I had been chatting to them a bit regarding this interview and a couple of things came to light.

Firstly, they are a very genuine, relaxed and lovely couple who care about their business and customers a great deal and absolutely want to help consumers and the industry in general.

Secondly, as I said above they are bloody good sports. I asked them to get into the spirit of Halloween by providing a seasonal publicity shot of them in ghostly garb. I was expecting to be told to piss off, but what they provided is hilariously self-deprecating and much better than I could imagine. You can see the image below.

Ultimately, they have been great to talk to and work with and I look forward to their business growing and becoming more and more successful.

TGV: Hey Rianne and Tan!  Many thanks for taking the time out to spend some time with The Grumpy Vaper. How are you both?

Rianne: I’m very well thank you.

Tan: I’m very well thanks.

TGV:  So, give me an introduction to Vapor-Z, what are you all about?  Why the Z?

Tan: It’s a long drunken story.

Rianne: Lots of wine and lack of originality, haha.

An intro… hmmm. Well we are a friendly, down to earth bunch of vaping enthusiasts who love to live and breathe vaping. There is a big background story to the opening of Vapor-Z. (Make yourself comfortable).

So….4 years ago, my mum (and bestest friend in the world) lost her fight with cancer. She was the most amazing inspirational and strong woman I have ever met. In her will she left me a bit of money, which I sat on for a couple of years not knowing what to do with it, but knowing I wanted to put it to some good use to honour her. Then, when we came across vaping, I thought what better way to use it than to try and help others stop smoking and in turn, hopefully reduce the amount of people that have to go through what my mum did and what our family did. Bit deep I know… but you asked.

TGV: Nothing wrong with a bit of depth. It’s a great way of using the money and a fine tribute to her memory, you’ve probably saved some lives, what could be better.

So, how did you get started in the world of vape?

Tan: I started off and on vaping three years ago using a well known cigarette looking device myself and found having eight batteries with me was just not the answer. We opened our own shop because of the poor quality liquids we were buying from our local shops.

Rianne: Oooo that’s a bit controversial Tan. They were poor quality I agree, BUT it was a few years ago when there wasn’t much choice around. We just sat down one night (I was on maternity leave and wanted to follow my parents into self employment so perfect time) wondering how we could work for ourselves whilst vaping away… ‘What can we do? What can we do?’ And I looked at my hand holding a flower battery and a CE4 and thought, you know what, why not give it a go? What’s better than earning a living by helping others? So we did.

TGV: I understand Tan’s story there, I also started many years ago, but the tech wasn’t quite up to scratch, where I could use it on a serious basis, so went back to the fags. You have staying power.

Can you tell me about your business ethos?

Tan: How long have you got.  First off no clones it’s our principle.  I see it as stealing an idea off of someone. Theft is theft. I have a conscience and want to sleep at night.

TGV: Fair enough. That thought is echoed by Damian Morter, his interview is coming up later today.

Rianne: Mr Controversial strikes again aha. That’s one reason Tan, the other is to supply the best quality products and liquids possible and give the best customer service we can possibly give always.




TGV: Could you take us through how you develop your e-liquid line and the flavours? How do you come up with ideas your flavours?

Tan: Our own liquid line we searched the industry for what we would class as the best in quality. There was really only one, in my opinion, to produce our idea and it was Nigel at Cuts Ice. Cuts Ice of Halcyon Haze and T-Juice fame. We made them work for the business as we are fussy f******!

Rianne: I agree with Tan! For once!

TGV:  How do you know when a flavour is perfect, when it’s time to stop research and development?

Rianne: When I think mmmmm yummy!

Tan:  Drip, fire, vape, repeat.

TGV:  Does the food you love influence the e-liquids you make in any way?  Maybe you have some childhood food memories?

Rianne: Ish. It’s always nice to have memories brought back with the liquids you vape, and it’s difficult sometimes if you aren’t keen on a particular flavour. For instance I don’t like tobacco flavours. When it comes to testing those flavours I approach it from a practical point of view. Does it taste like s**t? No. Is it complex in its flavouring? Yes If I liked tobacco, would I be happy to vape it all day? Yes… Then it’s all good.

Tan: On the sweet side for me I love aniseed and liquorice. So that theme runs through a lot of the liquids we have in.

TGV:   Any secrets you can share with potential juice mixologists out there?

 Rianne: As long as it’s safe and made with quality ingredients and you like it yourself then it’s all good. All taste is subjective so not everyone will like everything. If you are happy with it then go for it.

Tan: As we don’t mix them ourselves we get established firms to do it, just make sure it’s all made in the correct way and be safe. Don’t be knocked down if someone says it’s not very good. If everyone says it’s not good go back to the drawing board.

TGV:   What in the industry gets you Grumpy?

Rianne: Tan’s always grumpy. I’m not keen on dishonesty. It’s very important for everyone to be as open as possible and honest. Also, I hate badmouthing. As an industry we are up against it so in my mind we should all be working together and supporting each other in the vaping community.

TGV: True story dat.

Tan: like I said before how long have you got. *Chuckles like a man possessed* There’s lots that make me grumpy. Be nice to each other and be original.

TGV:  Who else do you have respect for in the industry?  Do you vape on any other e-liquids apart from your own?

Rianne: I have been known to but I mainly stick to the liquids we stock, or liquids we are sampling to bring into stock. I do have the occasional vape on an ‘out of business’ liquid though. Not naming names haha ssshhhhh.

Tan: Honestly I don’t. We will try stuff out and buy it in to stock and share it with our customers. Digbys, Mrs Lords, Lancashire Steam Company, Bomb Bombz, Bumblebee E-liquid, Epic Juice, Celtic Vapours, Halcyon Haze and our own brand made by Cuts Ice is a good selection to collect over the counter and buy from one online shop.

TGV:  OK, safety is a huge and contentious issue at the moment in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes; we have 150 Watt devices on the horizon.  How many watts is too many watts?  Is the vaping arms race necessary?

Rianne: I think anything is OK as long as it’s used safely. I mean if nothing progressed then where would we be? Embrace new innovation… just do it safely. Whoa, that was deep

Tan: If it burns it’s tooooo much power. I would rather have someone use a 150 watt box mod than trying to get the same power out of a mechanical mod. The chip in the devices coming out will just cut out.

TGV:  What’s the answer to life the universe and everything?

Rianne: Wine.

Tan: Newton’s Law is everything has an equal or opposite reaction. So don’t dish it out as it’s gonna come back.

TGV:  So, you can you give me an exclusive about any new products you may be adding at a later date?

Rianne: Hmmm now that would be telling. Watch this space.

Tan:  We have a few things in the pipeline but keep our cards close to our chest.

TGV:  Fair enough, although I demand a scoop at the right time for you!

What’s your preferred set-up for vaping Vapor-Z juices?

Rianne: Silo Lite on Solara at 11-14 watts at the minute but it depends what mood I’m in and what handbag I’m using!

Tan: At the moment it’s using the Beyond Vape Silo at about 11-13 watts on my butchered VTR.

TGV:  What are your opinions on sub-ohming and cloud chasing?

Rianne: Love it, love it, love it! But again – safety first. Hence, why we are starting to hold coil building sessions in store and battery safety advice when selling any form of mod, dripper, tank etc. In fact we offer battery and charging safety information out to everyone regardless of what they are purchasing. Starter kits all the way up to advanced.

TGV: Now, that’s a business with progressive thinking.

Tan: I enjoy it as it adds another dimension to the vaping industry. However, the people getting into it want to chuck clouds without knowing the variables and battery safety. We are starting to hold coil building classes as it’s not always about the lowest ohm for the biggest cloud.

TGV:  Kanger, or Aspire.  Why?

Rianne:  Aspire….personally. But both are great in their own right.

Tan:  Aspire coils in Beyond Vape devices. Flavour, flavour, flavour.

TGV:  Is there anything else you’d like to get out there to the UK and World vaping massive?

Rianne: Be friendly, spread the vaping love and stay safe.

Tan: Be nice to each other. When people smoked you didn’t have a go at someone for smoking JPS or roll ups. Vaping is the health revelation of our generation (even though we can’t say that).

TGV:  I think most of those who know a thing, or two can safely say that now.

Having safely ushered your loved ones out of the house as it’s burning down to the ground, you ignore all standard safety advice and dash back in to grab three items of essential vaping equipment – what are they?

Rianne: My fully loaded vaping stand complete with spare shop keys that just so happen to be in the bottom drawer of said stand… amazingly.

T: Keys to the shop.

TGV:  Finally, what’s your favourite cheese?

Rianne: Somerset Brie at room temperature with Carrs Cheese Melts… and a bottle of red (Tan forgot haha)

Tan: Somerset Brie at room temperature with Carrs Cheese Melts.

TGV: Finally, as it’s Halloween, what’s your favourite horror movie?

Tan: My favourite scary movie is IT.

Rianne: Fav scary movie The Shining… No wait, Silence of the Lambs… Actually, no Carrie.  Meh, I have a few!

Vapor-Z, many thanks for taking the time out to talk to The Grumpy Vaper and Happy Halloween – have a good one!


You can shop at Vapor-Z, here.

Do you know Rianne & Tan? How’s Vapor-Z been for you? Enjoy these interviews? Let me know below!

  • arboreal

    I’ve bought a few bits and pieces from Vapor-z and have found them to be really good for customer service. I’m currently waiting on a Silo Lite from them so it’s good to hear Rianne is enjoying hers!

    As an aside, I’m liking this site Mr TGV.

    • Arboreal, that’s great to hear. I’ve heard the Silo Lite is a great bit of kit.

      Many thanks for you kind comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying the place. I hope you come back soon! It’s another busy week from Monday.