TGV Industry Insider With Adrian Fitzpatrick Of B-Juice

Adrian Fitzpatrick is the owner of B-Juice, a small company in South Devon – only a few months old – producing AdrianBhand-blended tobacco fusion e-juices for vapers across the UK, and abroad. I have been in contact with Adrian over the past few months and reviewed his B-Juice line of e-liquids here, to some acclaim.  He is totally dedicated to B-Juice, incrementally improving the flavour and safety of his e-liquids with an almost fanatical dedication and devotion.

I’ll let Adrian do most of the talking here – and he does do quite a lot of that in this interview. That said, I did have the final say on whether to edit any of this out, but I think the journey that Adrian and B-Juice have taken in such a short space of time makes for a fascinating story. If there’s anybody out there who romantically aspires to start off their own vape related business, then Adrian’s story may be something of a reality check for you.

To say it has been hard work to get this business launched would be a massive understatement and what Adrian has achieved with a full-time job and a broken neck is nothing short of incredible.

Slightly eccentric man of juices? Maybe so. The Allie Fox of e-liquids? I’ll let you be the decision of that…

TGV:  Hey Adrian!  Many thanks for taking the time out to spend some time with The Grumpy Vaper.  How’s the old neck?

Adrian: Hey thanks for having me here Grumpy. You really want to stick to closed questions, you know? I tend to ramble on given half a chance.

TGV: But, then the interview would just be a sea of boring yesses and noes – we’d get nowhere. I don’t like that idea.

So, the old neck then..?

Adrian: The old neck?  The neck’s a pain in the arse to be honest, or the contraption I have to wear is anyway, I’m not supposed to lie down either so trying to sleep sitting bolt upright with my neck and face clamped into this is probably worse than the break itself. And it makes me look worse than middle-age is already doing… and that’s a tall order… as you know.

TGV:  I had something similar a few years back. It’s a living nightmare. My sympathies are with you.

So, give me an introduction to B-Juice, what are you all about?

Adrian: Well, we’ve only been trading, slowly, for four months now, and what we’re about is already quite different from what we started out being all about, and it’s probably going to keep changing, there’s no plan, there never has been really, or nothing that has stayed in place for more than a couple of weeks at best, and with the uncertainty of regulations and the likelihood that tiddlers like B-Juice will struggle to fit into those regulations, it probably doesn’t make too much sense making plans. Fixed plans. Yes. So , errr we make juice, really good juice, only do four flavours and no plans to introduce new ones as such; we only did three until last month when I did a one-off for Halloween, BeetleJuice, which I decided the day we thought up the name B-Juice was something I had to do, just based on the name, had no idea about a juice to fit…anyway BeetleJuice went down very well so that’s become a fourth flavour in the range.  They’re all based on tobacco, by that I mean at least half of the total flavouring is from a blend of two or three tobacco flavours, but they’re not strictly tobacco juices, in fact in one or two of them the tobacco seems to take on more of an undertone than a defining flavour, but they’re supposed to be palatable to vapers who wouldn’t normally consider themselves fans of tobacco juices…….like you, custard fans even..

TGV:  Yep, being out of my profile it was something I found a nice surprise. I think even non-tobacco lovers could get a kick out of The Golden Child and Sister Constance’s Forbidden Fruits. Hell, anybody who likes fine, slightly more mature e-liquids should love both of those in theory.

I believe you’ve been vaping for less than a year? How did you get started in the world of vape?

Adrian: Well, like a lot of people I was introduced to nicotine vaping in the very wrongest of wrong ways, albeit well intentioned, but wrong. A good friend bought my wife an E-Lites kit for Christmas maybe three years ago, and we thought ‘Brilliant, we’ll give up smoking’. She was going to share the kit with me, after two or three days I’d get my own and we’d both be off the fags.  Obviously the fact that those kits are just a bit shit to be honest meant that like a lot of smokers, we had a few puffs, thought hmmmm, maybe, maybe not, then after those few airy invisible puffs the battery was down to nothing, and into the drawer it went, the drawer in the kitchen, with chargers, string, old Turkish Lira , rusted keys, mp3 earpods, you know the one. And we decided ecigs were, just a bit shit, and not for us, and went back to smoking.

Then earlier this year I noticed a colleague swanning round the non-smoking delivery office (I’m  a postman when my neck’s not broken) I work from in Totnes, puffing away on this sort of miniature bong thing and leaving clouds of ‘smoke’ behind him, massive smug cheesy grin on his face he had… obviously, I was over like a shot wondering what he was smoking.

‘An e-cig mate, i’ve given up.’

‘Yeah right, dont bother, me and the missis tried them – they’re shit, you’ll be back on the fags in a day or two…’  You know I was really helpful like that.

Few days later and I’m intrigued now cos there are (compared to the cigalikes) great plumes coming of this thing, and he offered me a toot, it was a Vaporiz 650, with a CE4 and Vaporiz Strawberry Cough juice… and I just thought, wow, and realised things had moved on, got myself one, and then became obsessive about ‘vaping’ and seemed to ‘upgrade’ weekly for a couple of months. Costing me a fortune it was in new improved kit, but I’d managed to stop the fags, and found a new hobby/obsession (the two blur into one really), from the day you look on an internet forum for a single piece of information regarding your new hobby, you’re doomed.

TGV: We’re all doomed!

Adrian: I started making juice before I’d got out of Ego batteries, I didn’t like the artificial taste of the commercial grumpy 30ml bottlesjuices I was buying, Vaporiz, Magnife-Cig, some real shockers and pretty much the day I got some PG/VG, nicotine and flavours I didn’t buy any premixed juice till i got some snake-oil a couple of months ago. Like vaping, the juice was something i got into straight away, I’ve always been into food and drink and cooking and growing food, and fishing, and I like to eat well and drink decent drinks and steer clear of mass-produced cack apart from the odd doner kebab and it seemed I could express that in making juice as well.  All of us, me my wife and son we all cook and grow veg and my son can fillet fish we catch and these chemical juices just didn’t fit into how we like to do things… Am I getting ahead of myself here?

TGV: A little, but it all makes sense.

B-Juice has had a bit of a roller-coaster ride for a start-up, it’s been hard work for you – can you give us a bit of background?

Adrian: Yeah, I think you know, I’m not really, or have never thought of myself as business minded, if you look at my accounts this shows through very clearly. No, nothing shows through very clearly in my accounts,  I need to sort that out. I just had started making juices and a few friends and locals tried them and loved them , everyone seemed to want decent tobacco when they first gave up fags and the local shops and petrol stations’ mass-produced tobaccos, well they don’t taste of tobacco, so when I started mixing tobacco juices I just automatically started adding flavours to ‘improve’ the tobacco base, which were actually pretty decent anyway, but it was just a given that they’d need ‘improving’.

At the same time I was getting more active on the UK Vapers forum, which was where I kept looking for my next mod/atomiser/dripper upgrade. I just had an idea that a lot of these people, these vapers, were pretty much like me, a bit obsessive, a bit fussy, worried about quality, similar, broadly anyway age-range and, well I just thought maybe they would like these juices and if they did probably other people would, and I’d never done anything for myself before, business-wise anyway, so i had a plan to buy some Ego starter kits,  make a couple of litres of juice, and was going to sell starter kits and juice to people to sell onto colleagues in workplaces, I called it the ‘Record Roger’ business plan. Every workplace in the early 80’s had a ‘Record Roger’ , someone who had lists of albums you’d order and he’d tape them for you… so I was going to make enough money from that to pay someone to make me a website, which I was going to direct traffic to from a facebook page.

None of that happened, nothing.

TGV: Brilliant!

Adrian: I did order 40 Ego starter sets with ‘Evod’ style clearos, which are still sat in a box on my landing because I took one look at them and decided there was no way I was going to try selling them on, I’m surprised they haven’t  self-ignited anyway.

TGV: Bunch of crap all that stuff, I know it’s considered a decent starter kit, but it really isn’t.

Adrian: Terrible. Anyway at the same time I was mentioning my juice on UK Vapers, this juice i was making based on simple burley type tobacco, vanilla, oak, and with real honey, and we’re in Buckfastleigh, over the hill from Buckfast Abbey, home of Brother Adam RIP, who bred the now lost forever glory known as the Buckfast Bee, disease resistant and a great honey producer… I used to get the honey off one of many local beekeepers, but no-one had a purebred Buckfast bee swarm, all mongrelised and cross bred now. And an old school friend, Paul Barnes who is a brilliant typographer, had designed me a logo and gave me some fonts to use and designed labels for bottles for me to start up this Record Roger/Avon Lady deal… so I used a logo as my avatar at UK Vapers and one of the admin told me to either become recognised as a vendor or to stop spamming.

I’d never been so insulted in all my life!

TGV: I would imagine that’s probably not true!

Adrian: Well, okay I’ve heard worse, especially while I’m in this feckin brace, someone called me Stephen Hawkwind today…

So I looked into becomeing a vendor realised you needed a website and thought bollocks.

But then I had a think and asked about a few friends and just set up a shoddy WordPress site with the minimum requirements UK Vapers needed to have no reason not to call me a vendor (Charlie’s gonna love this) the website’s improved, a bit, since then, but its still something else I have done myself through necessity, but I’m glad I did, the fact its a bit dated maybe, a bit amateurish? A bit artisan! Shoddy? Actually suits the products, eccentric you’d call it. I beg to differ. B-Juice isn’t about swish dynamic streamlined modernity. Hmm we’re still trying to work out what it is about, have I answered that yet?

TGV: No, not quite – getting there though…

Adrian: So, I set up the site UK Vapers said yes you can be a vendor, lots of people were very sceptical, mainly and quite understandably, because three months earlier I’d been asking about Rainbow Spinner batteries, but once a  few people had tried this Brother Adam’s Buckfast Bee and Paul had got the labelling spot-on and everyone picked up on this local honey, real produce, sort of return to pastoral times I was trying to achieve and I suddenly realised that totally by accident I’d hit on a fucking stormer of a USP.

TGV: Yep, honey is a bloody cracking idea which I don’t think I’d seen anywhere else up to this point.

Adrian: Ohhh it tasted sooooo good, really. And the first month August, I was mobbed, I had no idea. I’d planned on selling 5-10 bottles a week, optimistically in the first month or two, I remember one night about two weeks into it it was half four i the morning, I had to go and deliver post at 6, and I was going in without going to bed having just bottled 48 bottles of this honey liquid and prepared another batch of it as it was flying out faster than I could make it. I wasn’t sleeping. I was delivering mail all day – coming home, immediately packing stuff getting it sent out. Scribbling on Jiffies in marker pen, bottle in a Jiffy, away, trying to set up and run a website, trying to answer customer’s emails individuallly and attentively, trying to keep a track of forum posts. I barely saw my wife and son (still don’t really), but my wife has been really supportive and has resigned herself to the fact that for the time being she’s finding herself doing all the housework, shopping, cooking etc, and the closest my son gets to spending quality time with his dad is sticking tactile triangles on bottles, and doing post office runs for me while my neck is broken.

TGV: That sounds a bit manic.

Adrian: Manic? Ha, it was like Henry Hill in the closing scenes of Goodfellas, more sort of semi-psychotic than manic. Like Henry Hill without the money, the one plan I did have was to not borrow money or get into debt over this, we did use £500 of savings, and I borrowed £380 from a friend to get things going, thats all taken care of now (Tim if you read this come and get your bloody money!) but we had to put everything back into the business to keep it going, and get things a business needs, printer cartridges, stock, marker pens, I shit you not.

TGV: Business needs business stuff.

Adrian: And then, and again its mad the timing  I’d kind of decided after 4 weeks, well I knew I couldn’t cope with doing two jobs, taking up about 23 hours a day between them neither physically, emotionally it just couldn’t be done and it had all happened so quickly, but decided and I think I even said on the forum on a Sunday night it was that I was going to hand in my notice at work so I could at least fulfil the orders I was getting on the juice. And that night was the night I found out about honey containing diacetyl, and the following day the BBC was airing the VIP vapes thing about diacetyl, I just had to come clean… looking back I think I overreacted to the situation, I withdrew the juice immediately, hurried a batch of Buckfast Bee through with honey flavouring. People were praising me for my honesty and saying I did the right thing, but really, and I’m only just realising this myself, I think my overeaction was, in part just down to exhaustion, and in some ways wanting some respite, withdrawing the juice gave me respite, fucking hell.

TGV: Yeah, it must have been soul-crushing.

Adrian: I hadn’t realised just how important this was to B-Juice, I was selling a few bottles of the other juices, but in all honesty not enough to make it worthwhile, I was at a point where I’d lost my USP, and had to shelve plans to produce other juices with local beer, local cider, good wholesome Devon things, that people were loving the sounds of, but without testing I couldn’t even consider them, that honey thing made everyone so conscious all of a sudden about safety, I was obviously going to be under some scrutiny, and I felt a bit like people had been right to look at my business with a degree of scepticism at the start, a bit of a naïve fool really. But then, no-one else had realised the honey would be a problem.

TGV: Come on! Who would have known diacetyl was naturally occurring in honey without consulting Wiki?

Adrian: The website was half empty, tumbleweed blowing through the checkouts, and I spent September remaking the juices I had with safe flavourings, but I kind of felt the business had lost its soul, the whole point of it for me, right from when I started making juice for myself, was to get something real into it, something less synthetic, honey, real ale proper cider, and all the Golden Child I ditched or gave away all the test batches I’d been making with different cider concentrates and the IPA/gingerbread/Italian cigar juice I’d been trying to get right since May, again, I just had to forget about it. And all the talk of my honesty and integrity was a bit hollow, I know people meant it, but they had no reason to buy my juice. The other juices were good but the honey was, the errr, honeypot that drew people in. I still have some of the ‘honey flavoured’ Buckfast Bee nestled in the orange sticker section of the website if anyone fancies a bargain juice, a soulless bargain… A few customers stuck with it, I think they wanted me to get through it and I know for sure a couple of people bought juices they didn’t really want, or need that month, it was quite humbling.

TGV: It’s undeniably a very close, tight community.

Adrian: My reaction to situations like this, all through my life, has generally been to try and scuttle off unnoticed, sheepish and hope to never hear mention of it again, but I kept  going at the Golden Child and used apple, a touch of lime, anise, and green tea flavourings and got somewhere close to what the cider was bringing to the juice, and I decided to keep at it and wrote the next part of the ‘Brother Juice’ story  an unread part of the website which I feel a need to add to, its more of a shrink’s couch I’ve set up for myself, and that story, the Ray of Hope, the first line of When a Child is Born, turned into a self indulgent autobiographical parable about the Bee and my need to get through the whole thing… and the birth of the Golden Child would show me the way.

TGV:  Has any of that influenced the way you run the business? What’s your business ethos?

Adrian: Errrr yes. I’ve never run a business, everything that happens influences the way I do things. And I’m still not AdrianAsure, I genuinely try and be straight with people, and that’s about it. I’ve just finished  a big relabelling exercise to give people more information, the bottles all show the percentage of flavourings in the juices, have batch numbers which very soon will be traceable on my website to Certificates of Analysis, nicotine assay results, GCMS results for the PG and VG, I don’t know if anyone will, I mean what sort of person would do that, its not like it’s going to track back to show that the juice is toxic slurry, but its more just trying to be transparent, to show people I do care about it. I spend some time with new customers, I don’t sell through retailers (apart from the newsagent in Buckfastleigh) because you have no contact, if a new customer puts an order in I’ll try and touch base, explain they might well NOT like the juice, but if they don’t they can try another one, or we can look at the strength, but quite often I’ll end up making quite a loss on a new customer, sometimes sending out two more deliveries after their first one, on the house, and usuallly we find something they like, and I don’t think I’m pushy with it, but every week I really don’t have many new customers, but of all the new customers I get there are 80% of my orders in any week are repeat orders from customers who keep coming back, and I try to be as I said, honest and approachable, and if I balls something up I’ll own up to it and it seems to be working, and I have a clear conscience about everything I’m doing.


TGV:  Could you take us through how you develop your e-liquid line and the flavours? How do you come up with ideas your flavours?

Adrian: I’m not going to move away from the tobacco bases, when I was nineteen I went to work in Turkey, which in 1989 was very ‘foreign’, specially to a 19 year-old from Coventry, the culture there the tea houses, the shisha lounges, the dominoes, it was fascinating, to me it was their way of coping without having ‘proper boozers’ to go and get leathered in, but it was just that to them, tea was shown great respect. The ceremony of tea drinking the social aspect of it and the tobaccos; big rolls of whole leaf smouldering away, harsher than JPS mind, but there was something romantic about it to me, tobacco wasn’t treated in the way we treat ciggies in our culture. I visited some of the tobacco plantations on the Black Sea coast Trabzon and Samsun, I was a smoker, but had never thought about tobacco as a sort of sacrament – something more than a nicotine stick, a social lubricant like alcohol had been and still was, to me. I was there for two years then I went to Poland just after communism for 18 months, again massive smoking culture, but more like ours something to do while you concentrate on getting pissed. Then I went to Morocco which had the mint tea, the shishas and hashish all embedded in the culture,  I loved it the smells good bad and just weird the little streets and souks and the smells and sounds in the markets. Cuba too, different culture again, but tobacco, economically and socially in these places was so significant… but saying that, smoking tobacco was never anything I gave more than a second thought to just something I did, didn’t really enjoy it, but did when I smoked with people who did it, err properly, with respect for it, if you see what I mean.

The juices I do now, they all have some kind of geographical lineage, something running through them that at least to me is what holds them together and lets them work, I don’t expect anyone else to see it, or appreciate it, but that’s why they work. I don’t want every flavour I use to be recognisable, like the best meals you eat there’s no way you could distinguish and name every ingredient the  chef has used, but you can be sure they’re all in there for a reason, some things completely intangible in themselves but they’ll lift or dampen or counter or compliment another flavour to bring the whole together. I mean, take Father Gallon’s Ruin, a juice I wasn’t sure whether to sell or not, as its really quite out there,  there’s 6,4% of that juice is flavourings in PG, 3.6% is 3 different tobaccos, which leaves 2.8% between the other 8 ingredients, there are tiny amounts of a couple of them, but the whiole juice would change without any of them, that juice is superb in my opinion, and I’m surprised how many people ‘get’ it, it evokes memories, something you might or might not be remembering accurately something you might not even have experienced, but you feel it when you inhale it… it’s an atmosphere, that juice commands respect! Hahahahaha getting a bit hippy now aren’t I?

TGV: Do hippies usually command respect?

Adrian: Yeah, hippy maybe a bit, or very pretentious, but seriously I want a decent vape that goes further than tasting good.

TGV: Yeah, that is something your whole line does… It goes further and it makes you think, rather than just consume.

How do you know when a flavour is perfect, when it’s time to stop research and development?

Adrian: None of the ones I sell are perfect, they’re going to keep changing slightly, they probably won’t ever be perfect, there’s no such thing. It’s why I really don’t want to get into making another juice for a while. I think Sister Constance for example still has a long way to go.  Father Gallons Ruin, thats probably gone as far as I can take it without cocking it up, but I’ll still tinker with the odd decimal point of a percent of one or another flavour, on the ones I vape myself.

TGV:   Are there any secrets you can share with potential juice mixologists out there?

Adrian: Do something that you’re passionate about, there are plenty of people doing fucking good custards already, there’s no need for another.

TGV:  We are a bit saturated with custard.

What in the industry gets you Grumpy?

Adrian: The ‘P’ word.

‘Premium’ the Lazarus Vintage effect. I started B-Juice selling in glass because I wanted it to look nice and myself and Paul and a few other friends all kept me sane through this) thought glass kept  it classy.  I was telling someone about changing over to LDPE as its more practical and I ran a poll on my site and yes we all thought glass looked better, but really LDPE squeezy bottles are what we want to use, and this person asked me if that was wise because my juice could no longer be considered ‘premium (not a word I’ve ever used to describe my juice anyway) but really if someone decides that THE SAME FECKING JUICE is not as good because its in a more practical container, therefore its no longer ‘premium’, there’s something wrong…but glass is no longer enough, you need a treasure chest, a fake wax seal, fake treasure maps…

TGV: Whoa there!

Adrian: I haven’t finished…

I was having a conversation with a friend about doing something for a Christmas Juice, no point as my juice is Christmassy anyway according to him. I wanted to get a meme to quote Robert Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder, ”Never  Go Full Lazarus’ (‘full retard in the film), and , and this blew me away, I realised that Downey Jrs character in Tropic Thunder was…oh yes, Kirk Lazarus….!!!

Yeah I know Grumpy , heavy shit…conspiracy, clever marketing, proof of parallel worlds? I dunno…

TGV:  Stream of consciousness vaping.

Who else do you have respect for in the industry?  Do you vape on any other e-liquids apart from your own?

Adrian: I have to say, other than Snake Oil and a couple of Van Dykes Vapes I haven’t bought any juice since the day I bought my first DIY supplies, I just don’t have time now as I’m constantly tooting away on Beetlejuice. But I like what Simon has done with snake oil, found a fucking good juice and he concentrates on that. I don’t think I could be that focussed, just because I’d be twitchy to do something else, but I like the focus on getting one thing as good as it can get. I’d always rather eat at a restaurant with a very limited menu, and know the chef is only using the ingredients he thinks pass muster, or is only cooking the dishes he knows have the power to stop you in your tracks.

TGV:  If there is one piece of advice you could give to a twenty a day smoker now, what would it be?  What vaping gear would you recommend?

Adrian: I think it’s important, talk to someone who vapes, and don’t whatever you do get a, ‘starter kit’. It will be 20 or 30 quid down the pan when you either return to fags, or decide to upgrade in a week or two. Probably, even though I don’t like them a vw box mod, safe battery and charger, and a replaceable coil clearo of some kind, but bank on spending at least 70-80 quid, and then you’ll be able to stop smoking, but you won’t even feel like you have.  Try and buy the smallest economically sensible sized bottles of juice you can from as many different sources as you can, or if you have friends who vape it’s likely they will by pretty evangelical about it anyway and they’ll be more than happy to swing a tank of juice your way to try out. Also, be clear before you start, are you planning on giving up nicotine, or just giving up the smoke associated with it?

TGV:  Ok, safety is a huge and contentious issue at the moment in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes; there’s a 250w device coming out.  How many watts is too many watts?  Is the vaping arms race necessary?

Adrian: Necessary? I’m looking round our room, and not a lot in here is ‘necessary’ (specially the twat of a Jack Russell looking at me), but that’s no reason not to have stuff. Even a clone factory churning out badly wired 250watt devices will cause fewer deaths and less misery than cigarettes. But, like necessity it doesn’t validate them. Personally I’m happy with a mech at 20-25 watts, I drive an old Golf, I wear Hush Puppies, but we’re all different, as long as people are aware of what they’re doing I think we should be free to do whatever we like, as long as we’re not putting anyone else in danger, but that applies to everything, not just high wattage vaping.

TGV:  What’s the answer to life the universe and everything?

Adrian: Never Go Full Lazarus.

TGV:  So, you can you give me an exclusive about any new products you may be adding at a later date?

Adrian: Okay, you won’t tell anyone though?

TGV: You and I and these four walls.

Adrian: I’m planning on resurrecting plans to work with a local brewery and utilise some aspect of their IPA in a juice, grumpy 10mlbottlesbut this will be dependant on being sure of the safety aspect involved, not just testing for diacetyl either, and I’m looking into sourcing some single estate tobaccos and extracting the  absolutes myself. I’ve done essential extractions before  and although I wouldn’t be able to do it on a large enough scale to fully flavour a large batch of juice. I could either produce a ‘PREMIUM GRAN RESERVA’ range, hahahaha,  or use it at a percentage to be supplemented in all batches, but I think that’s doing something interesting, for me as well as for the vaper that doesn’t involve ‘Going Full Lazarus’. There’s something a bit more out there I’m thinking about down the same road too, but I don’t think I should talk about that in public, not just yet, we’ll see how the extractions go in the New Year.

Is that an exclusive?

TGV:  Not bad, thank you.

What’s your preferred set-up for vaping B-Juice e-liquids?

Adrian: My preferred set up I haven’t got yet, I’m waiting on a friend to make me an 18240 mod with a nano’d Kayfun Lite, super drilled out for lung hitting, I’ve only got to know him recently but he has the same small tube mod love as me, but he has the skill to produce these things. Tiny litte thing, the mod and tank is shorter than a stubby 30ml LDPE bottle.

TGV:  What are your opinions on sub-ohming and cloud chasing? Do you dig clouds bro, clouds?

Adrian: I like to vape on a mech, dripper usually, at about 0.5-0.6ohms. I don’t consider myself a subohmer, or a cloudchaser, I like to fill my lungs with vapour though, it feels good, it’s my preferred taste. I’d have to stop and have a word with myself if I started entering ”cloudchasing” competitions though.

TGV:  Is there anything else you’d like to get out there to the UK and World vaping massive?

Adrian: Father Gallon (read about the sweaty faced paunchy bastard in the B-Juice story) is a fictional character. And not based on my colleague, fellow postman Paul Gallon, who gave me my first ever toot on his CE4 and Vaporiz juice early on this year. Any similarities are entirely coincidental.

TGV: How can you see B-Juice evolving over the next few years?

Adrian: I have no idea whatsoever. It’s better that way.

TGV:  Having safely ushered your loved ones out of the house as it’s burning down to the ground, you ignore all standard safety advice and dash back in to grab three items of essential vaping equipment – what are they?

Adrian: A plastic treasure chest containing some fake parchment with some company in Shenzhens email  address on, and some real batteries and a charger.

TGV:  Finally, what’s your favourite cheese?

Adrian: Good quality aged Manchego – not a flicker of hesitation on that.

TGV: Ahhhhh, a good Manchego and some quince. That’s one of the best cheese answers so far.

Adrian of B-Juice, many thanks for taking the time out to talk to The Grumpy Vaper.

Adrian: Thank you. You’re not as Grumpy as you make out. A good listener in fact!

TGV: Meh. Have a good weekend.


You can order B-Juice, here.

  • Hahaha you were spot on Damon, I did really enjoy that…cheers for not editing out all the flab and the language too .