TGV Reviews Kanger Subtank Nano and Sigelei Mini Box Mod Kit – Part 2

Last week I reviewed the Sigelei Mini here – part of the Sigelei Mini Box Mod Kit from Grey Haze, which also includes an 18650Grey_Haze battery and a Kanger Subtank Nano. Everything you could possibly need to get started in sub-ohm tank vaping at a very reasonable cost of £54.99. I’ve enjoyed using the Sigelei Mini, but MrsTGV has grown jealous and wanted an upgrade from her iStick 20W so she could use sub-ohm tanks. So, adieu it is to the Sigelei Mini, it’s been prised from my clenched fist and I’m back to the Vapor Flask – which isn’t really such a bad state of affairs!

Today, I’ll be looking at the rest of the kit – the Kanger Subtank Nano – their newest addition to the Subtank range. Before that though, let’s have a quick look back at my summing up of the first sub-ohm tank on the market.

Back in November I reviewed the Aspire Atlantis. Here’s how I concluded that review: “One last word to Aspire then. You have created a great sub-ohm tank which will totally change the vaping playing field, just get some bloody instructions and a warning in the box – take responsibility for this potentially dangerous bit of kit. Aspire, you need to take this advice seriously.” The prophecy came true. Aspire did totally change the vaping playing field as you can now choose between a wealth of sub-ohm tanks and they have become wildly successful. Kanger have also echoed Aspire in the major failure of the Subtank Nano – there is no warning on the box or in the instructions either about battery safety, so again, I’ll do that for them:


It’s fair to say Grey Haze has this safety issue covered, packaging the Subtank Nano in the kit with the Sigelei Mini, so that’s good thinking from them. When using any sub-ohm tank safety should always be paramount. You may want, “CLOUDS BRO, CLOUDS”, but please do it as safely as you can. If you’re in any way unsure then seek knowledge from the shop, on forums, or in the many helpful vaping Facebook groups out there. The ideal situation would be for the sub-ohm tank manufacturers to put the warning on the box, or at the very least in the instructions. This really needs to happen now. Kanger, Aspire, Joyetech, etc, make it so!

Let’s get this review wrapped though, onto the Kanger Subtank Nano…

What’s in the box:

The Kanger Subtank – nice box

1 x Subtank Nano
1 x Pre-Installed OCC Sub Ohm 0.5/Range 15-30W
1 x OCC 1.2/ Range 12-25W
1 x Spare Glass Tank
2 x Spare O Rings
1 x Instruction Manual

And its features:

Organic Cotton made in Japan
510 Connection
Pyrex Glass
3ml Capacity Tank
Durable Structure
Enhanced airflow system
Smaller and more compact design
18.5mm width
Height w/o Drip Tip: 47mm
Height with Drip Tip: 60mm

Onto the review then…


The Subtank Nano broken down into its constituent parts
The Subtank Nano broken down into its constituent parts

Let’s be honest, Kanger royally fluffed up with the design of the original Kanger Subtank. It was 25mm in diameter so would never sit attractively on most mods, overhanging like some ugly bruiser of a brute, the OCD among us ensured that this oversized beast was never the massive hit it could have been. The Subtank Mini went some way to correct this being 22mm and still had the option of a rebuildable deck (RBA) to install your own coils.  With the Subtank Nano, Kanger had to concede the RBA deck, in favour of it’s astonishingly diminutive size.

At 18.5mm in width and 60mm in height, it manages to hold an amazing 3ml of e-liquid. You can only really appreciate the capacity when placed next to the hulking and ungainly Aspire Atlantis, which can only hold 2ml, the Subtank Nano looks svelte and elegant in comparison. It’s by far the smallest sub-ohm tank available in the world right now and looks great on nano style box mods

The Kanger Subtank Nano is all stainless steel and glass clean lines and right angles, from the wide open bore driptip (interchangeable to any other sexy driptip you might prefer) down. The topcap displays the new Lamborghini styled Kangertech font and the supercar styling doesn’t stop there. The 3ml glass tank is held in place with rubber O rings in a rather eye catching red, lending the tank a bit of a GO FASTER stripe look. This styling won’t be for everybody though and Kanger have wisely made other colours available for purchase. At the bottom of the glass tank a screw in frame keeps the tank firmly held together and O rings set into position so in theory you’ll never get a leak. At the base of the whole thing is the new airflow control (AFC) system. There are three settings, none of which are ideal for those who prefer mouth to lung inhales, even at the smallest one hole (approximately 2mm) setting direct lung inhales are the order of the day. The next setting up clicks into place satisfyingly into place with two holes, then the third maximum setting is cylcops-style, wide open at a whopping 9mm.

The Organic Cotton Coil (OCC) come in either 0.5 or 1.2 ohm flavours and the heads screw easily into the base of the AFC. They have two very large e-liquid intake holes, which allow a huge quantity of juice to flow into the OCC very easily.

On the base of the Kanger Subtank Nano is the 510 connector which connects smoothly with any box mod I’ve tried it with.


Kanger Subtank Nano
Kanger Subtank Nano

Whether using the 0.5 or 1.2 ohm OCCs performance is stellar from the Kanger Subtank Nano.

Another word of warning though, the instruction manual states that you should prime the OCC with two or three drops of e-liquid before screwing the tank back together and then waiting 30 seconds before use. If you do this you’ll get dry hits immediately in my experience. That OCC should be DRENCHED in juice then left for at least half and hour, only then will you avoid dreaded dry hits and only then will it reach peak performance.

If you thought the Atlantis was the best tank on the market for flavour and vapour, the Subtank Nano beats it hands down and vapes a lot more smoothly in the process. Going back to the Atlantis now makes you aware of how harsh it is on the throat, even with the change away from the ceramic material they were using to organic cotton.

While the Aspire Atlantis was a game-changer at it’s inception, Kanger have come along and refined everything that was good about the experience in the best, most efficient way possible from looks, to ease of use, to the vaping experience itself.

Every e-liquid I’ve used in the Kanger Subtank has tasted spectacular in comparison no matter the PG/VG ratio. The OCC has performed admirably with no dry hits, so long as it has been correctly primed and not allowed to run dry. The 0.5 ohm OCC can be used at higher wattages (25-30 watts has been my sweet area depending on the juice) and obviously performs better with more flavour and vapour, but the 1.2 ohm OCC still does very well up to 15 watts with vapour and flavour and is a good option for those with a weaker battery, such as the iStick 20W.

Overall, the vapour and flavour from the 0.5 ohm OCC is up there with the best sub-ohm tanks on the market and easily surpasses the Atlantis. Be aware, it’s on the warmer side of vaping of which I’m a fan. Direct lung inhales on the largest setting of the AFC are deeply pleasing, providing huge vapour plumes and amazing warm flavour. We’re getting to a point of real quality convergence now with drippers, which is ideal for those on the go who don’t want the faff of dripping when out and about, or those who are a bit lazy and can’t be bothered building coils, but want a similar experience.

The build quality of the Kanger Subtank Nano overall is excellent considering the low price.

Used in tandem with the Sigelei Mini, the Kanger Subtank Nano has an ideal partner. Form factor, design and performance are excellent for the cost.

Final thoughts:

Overall, those who are looking for a nano sub-ohm tank and aren’t interested in using the RBA deck available with the bigger brothers, will be very happy using the Nano.

It’s flavour and vapour production are fantastic for a clearomizer tank and the styling places it one-up from the other competition. You won’t be disappointed.

Damon Fairhurst

Design – 8.75/10
Performance – 9.90/10
Value For Money – 9.65/10
Overall – 9.45/10

Sigelei Mini Box Mod Kit:
Overall – 9.00/10

The Sigelei Mini Box Mod Kit with Kanger Subtank Nano is available at Grey Haze, here for £54.99, but is currently out of stock.

The Kanger Subtank Nano can be purchased separately for £19.99 here.



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