TGV Reviews The Aspire Atlantis

As a matter of good housekeeping, let us shoot the giant elephant in the room with a giant elephant sized gun: AA


See, this is my main bone of contention with the new Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank and I see it becoming quite a big issue. The Atlantis comes in a very plain presentation box, presumably to keep costs down. In the box you get the tank itself with a 0.5 ohm coil head installed, a spare glass tank (should you shatter the original attempting to pry it delicately away from the top-cap) and one spare coil.

That is all you get. At first glance the minimalism is more than acceptable for the cost. What really isn’t acceptable is the complete absence of any instruction manual at all. Nothing. No warning like I placed above at the top of the review. No instructions on how to remove that very, very tight top-cap. Zilch.

The chances are if you’ve had a Nautilus before it, then the Atlantis will pose no problems at all regarding its general use, however – and this is quite a big however – for somebody new to vaping, new to the Aspire range and new to sub-ohming this could be potentially disastrous. If they go into the “wrong shop” to buy this beast and they are given no instructions over the counter and no warnings, well it doesn’t really bear thinking about.

A newcomer to vaping may well come along naively, buy The Atlantis from an unscrupulous vendor, take it home and attempt to fire it on a cheap Ego clone from the dreaded Market Man. And some of those cheapo Egos will fire this thing. Then we’ll have a nasty accident and all of a sudden a vaping media crisis. Again. We’re another week from another Sun headline telling us five people have had their heads clean blown off from e-cigarettes and that’s quite an issue to deal with.

It’s very kind of Aspire to leave all that dull safety gubbins squarely in the hands of the vendor then – let’s just hope they all do their due diligence when selling them.


The curved lines of the Nautilus are gone and while the overall design of the Atlantis is very similar to its predecessor in place of the curves are straight lines and a much chunkier top-cap. The driptip follows these straight lines and has a very wide bore hole allowing maximum airflow. It is all together a much cleaner, more attractive design than the Nautilus.

Back to that top-cap and glass tank though. The top-cap has a very subtle (which is good) Aspire logo, but it has a bit of a problem. I struggled for a good few minutes yesterday just trying to remove the damn thing from the pyrex tank. It isn’t held in place with threading, or an O-ring. Metal teeth grab onto the glass tank and they hold on very, very tightly indeed. This could potentially be another piece of dangerous design as I feared the glass would shatter in my hand with the exertion I put into removing the tank from the top-cap. Admittedly, it has become slightly looser with time, but not by much. It’s a matter of some concern to me and should be something Aspire should alter with the version 2.0.

Filling the Atlantis is easy enough, it has the same design as the Nautilus allowing you to fill from the bottom of the tank, no issues there.

The new Atlantis BVC is on the left,
The new Atlantis BVC is on the left,

The new, improved BVC is a whopper – double the size of the Nautilus BVC. The four juice intake holes also reflect this huge size change, allowing much more e-liquid to flow into the BVC a lot more easily. The coil screws into the Airflow Control base in the same way as previously, so no issues there.

The AFC base section in also very similar to the design of the Nautilus with four huge changes. The airflow holes themselves are massive. Dripper sized massive. Even with the smallest airflow hole selected it’s pretty easy to get a full lung inhale. This device isn’t really for those who would usually inhale mouth to lung, so that’s a bit of a warning. It’s lung hit, or don’t bother. The largest setting is full open at about five millimetres and its very near to a normal breath you would take, virtually no resistance whatsoever. It’s a very neat design and clicks into place reassuringly.

At the bottom of the Atlantis the 510 connector appears to be the same as its predecessor. The threads screw into any device I have tried very smoothly with no problems and there are no unsightly gaps.


I saw this comment on one of the Facebook groups yesterday, “I thought the Atlantis was bloody horrible. The vape is really harsh and unrefined.”  I must admit that initially I had a similar experience here and there, but I think this had more to do with the extreme nature of what the Atlantis can output. As the coil has bedded in I have not had any harshness while vaping with the Atlantis at all. So yes, you may experience some rough stuff initially, but that does and will subside.

After spending some time with the Atlantis I have the opinion that the performance is stellar for such an affordable device. Vapers can now buy a cloud machine for between £25 and £30, so it’s completely new territory. A game changer of a paradigm shift. It’s not only a cloud-chasers dream though, it’s also one for the flavour whores too. I have road tested this beast with about ten different e-liquids and they all have massively improved flavour over the Nautilus. The Atlantis is virtually on par with my Magma, which is pretty amazing for a mass-market tank. If you love big flavour then you need this in your life.

From using the smallest airhole setting to the largest and vaping at wattages from 25 to 35, I have had not one dry-hit, something that I was a bit worried about with high VG, very viscose e-liquids. Those new huge juice intake holes on the BVC do their job very, very well indeed. Every juice I’ve thrown at it vapes very well. My only issue is that a 2ml tank does not last for too long, but as somebody who works from home this is a minor quibble and for the lazy vaper like me, it certainly beats coil bulding and dripping – The Atlantis is pretty much plug in and play.

So, that vapour. How much vapour? A lot of vapour. The Atlantis will have your average vape person turn into a cloudchaser in a matter of seconds. In short, the hype is real and justified this thing is a smoke machine, you will not believe the crazy amount of vapour you can get on the largest airhole, the thing is there doesn’t seem to be any sacrifice in flavour either and that is incredible.

The Aspire Atlantis atop the Vapor Flask DNA40.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, the Aspire Atlantis represents great value for money. Aesthetically, while it’s not up there with more expensive pieces, it’s no eyesore either and it looks quite cool on top of my Vapor Flask.

Performance wise, I am not sure we could ask for much more for such a competitive price. Vapour production is absolutely brilliant with any e-liquid I have tried and the flavour is up there with a dripping experience.

The Atilantis is built for a certain type of vaper. One who is a bit lazy, or doesn’t find building coils fun. It is for the vaper who wants a potentially mobile dripper experience with none of the associated faff.

The Atlantis is a blockbuster of a tank then. Yes, it may be more JJ Abrams than Christopher Nolan, but the Atlantis delivers totally on its promise and all the hype that has surrounded it since news first broke about this new sub-ohm beast of a tank.

If you know what you are doing with regards to battery safety then the Atlantis gets a very high recommendation from TGV.

One last word to Aspire then. You have created a great sub-ohm tank which will totally change the vaping playing field, just get some bloody instructions and a warning in the box – take responsibility for this potentially dangerous bit of kit. Aspire, you need to take this advice seriously.

Sort it out.

Damon Fairhurst

Design: 6.95/10

Performance: 9.85/10

Overall: 8.40


You can buy an Aspire Atlantis, here, from the good folk at Vapor-Z.


  • Great review 🙂 I find the thing a bit confusing, its a tank, with dripper performance, but seriously, 5mm airflow holes, Ive never come across a dripper requiring that even. I want a tank for mouth inhales, ciggy style, puffing away at through the course of an evening in the pub, and a dripper for private use, blocking my wife’s view of the TV with clouds, that kind of thing, but that just subjective stuff.
    You don’t mention the price or longevity of the coils, they look to be quite pricey, do they last long? They also look to be a pretty solid unit, the way kanger have been going, making rebuilding, which was fiddly enough on the old heads, pretty much impossible, I wonder whether we’re seeing ‘the gilette effect’ at work, the tanks being a Trojan horse for the sales figures on the consumables.
    And the sub-ohm aspect is not just a worry, accidents are a racing certainty, it’ll be available online, responsible vendors may implement a checkbox system to ensure warnings have been read, just like terms and conditions. Hmmmm. I know for a fact many new vapers enquire about sub-ohming, not even knowing what it is, how it’s achieved, or the implications of it. I don’t understand the workings behind ohms law, but i know what limits have to be adhered to. Word will spread fast about a sub-ohm unit that doesn’t eve require the ‘skill’ of coilbuilding.
    Its a great looking unit and apparently fulfills its remit, but there are so many possible problems it throws up, but then how many people are attempting to sub-ohm with homemade sub-par coils already, at least the coil heads are safe with this.. I fancy getting one,for R and D purposes 😀 , but can’t imagine using it over a dripper, or an RBA. Irt seems confuused as to its identity.

    • Cheers Bucky! It’s confusing because it’s a completely new idea. It’s like it’s practically been built for me – I’m a lazy bugger really and if I can get away with building less coils, then that’s just fine by me. Convenience>>>>Cost.

      I will update this review regarding coil life when it dies, but I get about two weeks with the old BVC, so I would hazard a guess that may be the lifespan. I always inhale direct to lung, so I love the larger airflow, even on the biggest setting.

      Cost has been mentioned in the review at between £25 and £30 depending on where you want to shop.

      Agree totally with all the rest.

      • I mean cost of the heads,are we seeing the rrp of the heads increasing hugely,the cost of the tank itself almost a loss leader to generate sales of the heads?

        • Ah ok gotcha. The BVCs are £13.95 for five at present. I think Nautilus heads were a similar price on launch and you can now get a pack of five for £8.95, so I’m quite positive the new BVCs will come down in price with time.

  • That is a great review. I really appreciate all the details for those of us who don’t know the vape lingo.

    • Many thanks Donna, glad to see you here.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • I can’t go over 17 watts using the GOD MOD 180. If I do I get consistant DRY HITS using High VG juice. For that reason I keep going back to my dripper. If I pull to hard, there’s the dry hit. I am using a regulated device though, not a mech. – I like what it does when I don’t get the dry hits. Then it absolutely SUCKS! For that reason I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

    • That doesn’t sound right. Currently vaping Strawberry Fields 80/20 on my Vapor Flask at 26 watts and it’s lovely. Do you prime your coil well prior to taking your first toot? I juice the coil up in the same way as I would a dripper.

      • I prime it when i fill it.. but like i said, i’m using a GOD 180 mod. It’s consistent with my drippers. But, with the Atlantis I get dry hits if I go over 17 watts. I made the mistake of forgetting to change my power back and DAMN was that horrible! Not pleasurable at all. It vapes fine at 17 watts, but the flavor lacks at that setting a bit. Keep in mind this mod is a regulated device so the power is instantaneous. It doesn’t seem to do that on my Panzer or other Mods. Perhaps the GOD 180 is just to powerful for it. IDK

        • Yeah, mine is regulated too – a DNA40. Could it be that there’s some inconsistency with the coils I wonder? It wouldn’t totally surprise me.

          • IDK, perhaps that’s it. It may just need to be broke in a bit more. We’ll see with time. But, I have to confess I really don’t want to run 30+ on it and get dry hits. I guess I’ll just have to stay below 18.

  • Lee Altmark

    Excellent review. I noticed in the picture you are not using the original drip tip. Could you please inform us what mouthpiece you are using.

    • Cheers Lee!

      The picture at the top is the original tip that came with the Atlantis. The one lower down is a 2 Puffs two part drip tip. You can take the black piece apart from the stainless steel piece below it and swap them about. they come in loads of different colours and they are *very* cool indeed.

  • Shansation

    Hey there, thanks for the great review and the warnings (which prompted me to read up a lot more on resistance and sub-ohming).

    I was just wondering, you mentioned that you tried many different flavours on the tank. Did you have to use a new coil with the new flavours or did you just refill it the same coil with a new flavour? If so, were there any issues with mixing the liquids?

    • Hi Shansation, thanks for your comment, I’m glad the warnings were helpful and that you went away to do some homework. What mod/ batteries are you using?

      I cleaned the glass section and the upper stainless steel chimney with warm water each time I changed e-liquids. Gave it all a good dry off with kitchen roll and soaked up any remaining e-liquid from the base section and around the outside of the coil head, then put it all back together and refilled. It’s sixty seconds of a job, if that. I guess there’s a minute or so of cross flavour, then all’s well with the new e-liquid.

      It’d be a very expensive device indeed if I changed the coils out each time I tried a new e-liquid!

  • J. Clay Backus

    Thanks for your post – much appreciated. Maybe you can help…

    I have been using the Nautilus and NautMini for quite a while now. I love them – reliable, predictable and robust with the SS tank sleeves installed. Also, I love my Tugboat Clone RDA when I’m lounging on the couch. The RDA yields the best puff by such a longshot, but it does not travel well at all…. I hoped to combine the strengths of my Nautilus tanks with the puffs of my RDA and hoped the Atlantis was the answer.

    It seems like the Atlantis could be the answer, but thus far it isnt. The hit is there but my mouth is sprayed with a mist of hot vapor and something seeming to be particulate. It actually hurts after a while. I have used small fractions of cotton as a ‘filter’ to catch the mist and particulate – after 2 puffs, the cotton is soaked. I really love vaping good ejuice but do not like drinking it! And as for the particulate, I dont know what to say or think – it concerns me.

    Any thoughts from the community on this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Afaik, Aspire has now changed the ceramic material for Japanese organic cotton, probably the best move since many from the community have complained about this.

  • Pam Brambley

    I like mine so far but don’t care for the gurgling!

    • I don’t really get any gurgling with mine. Try moving down to the lowest airhole setting have a few toots, then try again!

      • Pam Brambley

        Ty hon

  • Newbie Vapour

    I was sold the Asp Atlantis tank with an iStick Eleaf 30w, is it safe to use this tank with it?

    • In a word: Yes.

      The iStick 30w will fire from 0.4ohms and up.

    • Sorry for the late reply, yes it’s safe with the iStick 30w.

  • avery

    Can I use this with a hybrid mod, no top cap.?

    • Nope. In fact, I wouldn’t use it with a mech mod at all – hybrid or not. Reason being there have been a spate of batteries going bang as the 510 connector isn’t adjustable and this can create a short. To be totally safe I’d only use subohm tanks with a regulated box mod.