The Yorkshire Vaper To Open Bricks And Mortar Store

Attention North of England and the rest of the World!TYV

Master e-liquid mixologist, Dale Wilkinson AKA, The Yorkshire Vaper is about to open his first bricks and mortar shop in the outskirts of Leeds city centre.

TGV has been a big fan of Dale’s e-liquids over the past few weeks (a review of several of his juices should land next week in a two part special). The Yorkhire Vaper’s Rustard – rhubarb and custard – is a very fine, extremely well balanced and smooth juice and in my humble opinion it’s best in class at the moment from all I’ve tried – which is many.

So, why the move into a B&M? I’ll hand over to Dale to tell us: “We decided to go for a shop simply because I enjoy the industry too much to just sit behind a computer a process orders. I wanted to get out there and meet the customers on a daily basis, both the hobbyist vapers and the just starting out too, we want to guide them through the evolutionary stages of vaping and get them off the stinkys…the Yorkshire way!”

This is a very solid reason for moving into the high street and a great business ethos to kick off the opening on Saturday, 12th December. Wouldn’t it be a vaper’s paradise if all B&Ms operated with the same attitude?

“Come see us on opening day and spend some time on the sofas, have a coffee with us, and see how us Yorkshire lot do a vape shop!”

Dale will be placing the focus very much on the UK market too, “In an effort to support local trade, we will be stocking a large range of top quality UK made E-Liquids in addition to our own, including, Zeus Juice, Highland Clouds, Wick Liquor and many more, with only one guest American juice every couple of months.”

Presently, The Yorkshire Vaper doesn’t stock a great deal of hardware, however, that is about to change with the opening of the shop, “We won’t be stocking CE4 tanks, for the simple reason, that we find them mostly of inferior quality and don’t have what it takes to get people of the ciggies. But we will be stocking a range of high quality starter kits made by the likes of Kanger & Aspire, all the way up to the higher end of the hobbyist market with brands such as HexOhm, Flawless & Lost Vape making an appearance on our shelves.”

Launch day starts at 12pm and they’ll be open until 7pm at 148 Stanningley Road, Leeds, LS12 2RF.

There’s some very nice discounts to be had on the opening day too. Check out the poster below for more details.

TGV hopes to get down to the grand opening on 12th December.

  • Fuckin hard work running shop and online biz too Dale, but you don’t seem to have a problem with that. Hope it goes well for ya. Totally right decision on the hardware too, I was hesitant, thought people would be demanding £10 starter sets, but once they start chatting and try a few things in the shop, they see it makes no sense, ce4 and stuff… And you can get a real nice ‘starter’ set up, plenty of choice for 40-60 quid these days….don’t assume what I did though, that you can just crack on with work as normal while the shops open, just nip up to help people out a few mins here and there. You got to see the opening hours as lost time in terns of the rest of the biz. Vape shop customers like to hang out and chat. And talk about vaping. And so do you. I’m sure youve thought things through a bit more than me.

    • And well done on the avoidance of US juices. I’m not keen on them, but they are popular and would sell well, but British companies need as much support as possible at the moment, and shops selling shelves and shelves of US juices don’t seem to consider this.