Today Is World Vaping Day

World Vaping Day 2014 – September 18th

Your National Vaping Day will be on Thursday, September 18th

There will be a week of events from Monday 15th through Sunday 21st

The first two World Vaping Days have been resounding successes, with many groups in several countries participating. Make sure your country takes part this time: ask your consumer association what they are doing, or if you don’t have one in your country, then get together with some friends to organise an event. What has been great to see is that many of the meet ups organised locally last year have become regular events, often taking place fortnightly or monthly. This is one of the greatest parts of the world vaping day movement.

Our website will stay online and act as a resource for vapers everywhere. As each year’s event comes around, we’ll update the pages, add more countries, and add more resources.

Go to: to find out about more information on events happening close to you.

Apparently, something is happening in Scotland today too…