TPD To Be Scrapped Says The Sun

If you believe any of the headlines in the red top rag, The Sun, then today may be a day for celebration.Brexit

Yesterday, The Sun reported that following the Brexit referendum a Whitehall “insider” gave them enough information to print a story that the TPD would be scrapped, following a “widespread review of Brussels bureaucracy”.

Make no mistake though, The Sun’s story only mentions e-cigarettes and vaping once and does not address the positive benefits of their potential harm reduction. The Sun’s angle here was all about “the draconian ban on minty cigs”, which could lead to people taking up smoking, and other agendas on the “list of “nanny state” measures the new government will review.”

Christopher Snowden, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, told The Sun, ““Brexit offers a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary and meddlesome EU regulations.”

“Bans on menthol cigarettes, packs of ten and various types e-cigarette fluid never had any serious justification.

“Even David Cameron said he couldn’t understand why the EU wants smokers to to buy more cigarettes.”

He added: “A great repeal bill should be drawn up and crazy laws like this should be on it.”

Looking at the article in full, the resemblance is more along the lines of an advertorial piece, rather than a hard hitting journalistic investigation. The main featured photograph in the story is a rather gigantic picture of a Marlboro Menthol pack of cigarettes. Menthol and other “pleasant flavour” cigarettes are set to be banned in 2020 under the TPD’s strict guidelines.

You can read the story in full at The Sun here.

What are your thoughts on this? Can we take this story seriously, or is this another case of media Brexit paranoia/bullshit? Does The Sun have such a big readership and influence that they can make bullshit a reality?

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  • Stuart James

    I would hazard a guess it’s murdoch up to his tricks being a major player in the tobacco world and the propaganda (sorry media) world.. He has a vested interest in lit tobacco sales. But it means someone is looking at the tpd has to be a good thing.. As long as the tobacco companies don’t re write and over regulate vaping. Just my 1p worth

    • Agreed Stuart. This is why I mentioned the advertorial thing.