Vapours Oven Rebrand Following Trading Standards Crackdown

In a positive move, familiar UK e-liquid brand, Vapours Oven have decided on a rebrand moving away from their cupcake illustrated labelling of before.

Following rumoured visits by Trading Standards to bricks and mortar vape stores in the UK who allegedly confiscated a range of goods for sale under The Food Imitations (Safety) Regulations 1989, Vapours Oven decided to preempt a possible visit in the future.

From co-owner Jamieson Westall’s Facebook, “Due to trading standards food imitation act we have had to change our company logo!!! We are no longer having the cupcake on our bottle labels 🙁 🙁

Which is ridiculous as famous candle and shampoo makes have food on theirs and I’m sure I certainly haven’t mistaken a candle for a 🍓and never have I taken a bite out of an iPhone 🍎

What do you guys think of our new one?? It keeps uploading in rubbish quality for some reason but the final piece will be shiny lol #TeamVo #VO #PinkSquare #AdiosCupcake.”

Here’s the new logo, sans the cupocake:

In reaction to my positive comments on social media Jamieson said, “Thank you very much  Rebranding can be so so damaging for a business so it was not a light decision to be made but it had to be done. We contacted trading standards and they couldn’t give us a yes or no, just a well maybe so or not and under that we simply had one choice, we didn’t want the shops that stock us have a ‘Pancake Man’ situation happen and all the stock taken!

Hopefully the rebranding will have a positive effect and not negative but also in the bigger picture if only one child drank our product because of the cupcake that is one too many.”

TGV wishes Vapours Oven all the best moving forward under TPD and Trading Standards compliancy, tough times are ahead, but they’ve made the best decision possible under current circumstances.

TGV will be interviewing Jamieson and Cassie for a future Vlog, so there will be much more information coming soon – watch this space!