VLOG_THING_004 And Global Vaping News

– VapeJam allow vendor to sell dubiously branded e-liquids
– RSPH release undercover vape investigation video
– Vaping stops houses burning down in London
– VapeCollective 2018 launch party
And more…
*****FOLLOW UP***** I’ve been in contact with the company in the RSPH video, They’re coming back to me shortly after watching my video to confirm it’s them, then probably coming to the channel to do an interview for right to reply. Thanks to Aaron for the heads-up on this…
*****FOLLOW UP 2***** Ok, so the shop is The London Vape Co, Camden branch and they are now contacting their solicitors for further advice and may be coming onto TGV for an interview. I’ll keep you all posted in the next Vlog.
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RSPH undercover investigation into UK vape shops: https://vimeo.com/211951001
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