When TGV Met ZampleBox – An Interview With Tony Mandarano

ZampleBox is a USA e-liquid monthly subscription box company11bottles. They have grown hugely over the last 18 months and now deliver across the world.

What’s new with ZampleBox?

How does Tony Mandarano respond to some of the more questionable business practices rumoured about ZampleBox?

How have they kept up with huge demand across the world?

What’s in the box?

Last night at 7pmBST / 11amPST I chatted to Zamplebox CEO – Tony Mandarano to get the full lowdown on Zamplebox – the highs and the lows. Watch that here:

Find out how to win a full, fee year of vaping with ZampleBox – enter the Soft UK charity raffle at £5 per ticket here:


Buy a ZampleBox here: https://www.zamplebox.com/

Fight against Article 20 of the TPD here – http://article20legalchallenge.com/